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Aptean CRM - CRM Mapping

Aptean CRM - CRM Mapping


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Aptean CRM - CRM Mapping

8 Ene 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • See Your Information in a Whole New Way
Routing markers on road

Help your sales reps get the most out of their trips. CRM Mapping allows them to find other companies and prospects they should meet with while they’re visiting an area. It can also help them plan their trips and schedules, and even gives them step by step driving directions through our CRM software’s integration with Google Maps.

And mapping doesn’t just benefit your sales team. Management can use mapping to visualize opportunities, manage territories, and analyze won/loss rates. It can even help your marketing team target customers more effectively and improve their campaigns.

  • Mapping Opportunities. Use the CRM mapping capabilities to search for contacts, companies, potential leads and sales opportunities.

  • CRM and non-CRM Data. The CRM mapping feature allows users to search for data, whether it includes CRM related customer information or not, creating user flexibility.

  • Target Customers. Use the map to effectively target specific customers in an effort to increase your customer base for additional sales opportunities.

Mapping Done Differently

Google Maps Integration

Aptean CRM Mapping capabilities include Google Maps integration, powered by Google. The integration allows sales reps to plan and organize trips, view their desired locations in the Google Map Street View, search for customers in specific searched areas and also includes smartphone and tablet viewing capabilities. Make the most of your trips and navigate safely by planning ahead of time with this integration.

Filter Your Desired Locations

Perfect for sales reps and employees who frequently travel and are looking to build potential business opportunities, the filter feature grants users the ability to hone in on specific areas of a map that users would like to see and potentially visit. If a user only wants to see the locations of contacts, companies, leads or potential sales opportunities, filter your map to show just that.

Create Specific Travel Routes

Take the stress that comes with organizing and planning work trips out of the equation with the routing feature, which gives traveling sales representatives a way to plain specific routes for future travel plans. Users can build a route from a map by searching for contacts, companies, or opportunities that they plan to visit. Create routes that will get you where you want to be faster or even take a more scenic route. The routing feature supports customization in regards to your specific travel plans.

Save Frequently Traveled Locations

Traveling sales reps go to new places all of the time, but they may find themselves frequently visiting the same customers or areas in town. With the Save Your Map feature, users can now save locations that they frequently visit for user convenience and future reference. CRM mapping makes it simple for sales reps to locate and save opportunities of interests that they may have located while viewing a map.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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