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Customer Service Reps Deliver with Print Shop Management Software

Customer Service Reps Deliver with Print Shop Management Software


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Customer Service Reps Deliver with Print Shop Management Software

11 Sept 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Customer service representatives for print shops face challenges in their daily tasks as they strive to provide excellent service to their customers. In order to meet their client’s needs, it is important to have the proper tools to ensure job success while serving as a link between a company’s products and its customers.

While apparel decorating and promotional products companies have sought out printing business software to automate and streamline their business processes, enhance sales and marketing and foster integrations with industry leaders, an increasing number of print shops have realized the advantages that ERP solutions provide in enhancing the routine tasks of customer service reps.

Business printing software provides essential tools to facilitate quality customer service, remain competitive and meet changing consumer needs with the following: 

Visibility of Sales Orders from Start to Finish

Utilizing shop management software streamlines, automates and integrates print shop processes in real-time – contributing to increased customer satisfaction. From the initial customer call to place an order, visibility and communication enhance efficiency from the start of order entry to the shipping of the final product.

The ERP’s coordinated system automates orders and artwork approval by the customer, as well as turns quotes into orders – eliminating manual and duplicate entry that often leads to miscommunication and lag time. Entering automated notes enables special instructions to follow the order through production – including those provided by the customer or to ensure order accuracy. Throughout the order process, utilizing and scanning a barcode with handheld devices and tablets updates the order status code (i.e. “Art Approved,” ”Order Shipped Complete,” etc.) These order status codes automate updates to the customer portal – providing the most up-to-date and accurate information for customer inquiries.  

Easily Accessible Customer Information 

Accessibility to all customer and order information from within one integrated system allows customer service reps to have a complete overview of client accounts – including customer history, open invoices, order tracking, shipment notifications and other information. As part of an ERP’s integrated reporting functionality, keeping track of print KPIs related to expected customer order fulfillment dates enables necessary adjustments to order entry, picking, production and shipping processes. Access to information in real-time, as well as historical information, provides readily available customer data necessary to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Third-Party Integrations

During the order entry process, vendor integrations provide customer service reps visibility into real-time inventory information and turnaround times at the supplier level without having to log into another system. Providing customers with information regarding whether a particular item or color is on backorder and viable options is helpful and enables the investigation of alternate suppliers should a customer have tight timelines and need items quickly. This level of inventory insight through integrations available in apparel decorating software provides an invaluable tool for meeting customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Customer Web Portal

With 24-hour access to customer web portal functionality for both customer service reps, as well as customers, print shop software offers convenient access to customer account information. Customers have the ability to approve pending sales orders and/or artwork, check order status, view shipment tracking and pay open invoices. In addition, the portal makes available account information such as account history, order confirmations, statements and prior invoices – creating more informed and happier customers.

Customer service reps are an invaluable resource for apparel decorating and promotional products’ companies as the essential go-to people for customer service inquiries. It is essential to have the tools they need to complete their daily tasks efficiently and printing company software fills that need – offering visibility of sales orders, easily accessible customer information, third-party integrations and a customer web portal.

Our print shop management solution, Aptean Impress ERP, can provide customer service reps with valuable tools to foster quality customer service – contact us for a demonstration today.

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