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Aptean Respond: Consumer Vulnerability

Aptean Respond: Consumer Vulnerability


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Aptean Respond: Consumer Vulnerability

1 Mar 2021


Are you providing the level of service that's expected by the public, and required by regulators? If you can't correctly identify vulnerability in your customers, you may not be providing that extra empathy and care those customers require. Spotting the signs of vulnerability could be a major challenge.

It's not always easy to define, and it's not always apparent which customers will be considered vulnerable. Some people move in and out of vulnerable states quickly, while for others it's a long term fact of life. There's no easy answer, yet case handlers and contact center staff in regulated industries such as financial services must be able to recognize vulnerability and act accordingly.

Aptean Respond's Consumer Vulnerability Detection feature, the first of its kind on the market, can help you rethink the way you deliver services to consumers with a built-in text analytics feature that automatically scans inbound customer communications and identifies markers of potential vulnerability.

With Respond, when a customer submits a complaint through email, social media, a mobile app or a feedback portal, markers of potential vulnerability, such as a job loss, bereavement or disability, are automatically detected and highlighted. In addition, the solution allows users to comment on flagged portions of text to collaborate with colleagues and managers. And with Respond Centralized Dashboard, managers can track vulnerability by product, monitor their teams' vulnerable cases and drill down to access all the track's commentary in one place.

Treating customers fairly isn't just a cornerstone of good business. Regulators require it. Aptean Respond enables organizations to improve the customer experience, demonstrate that they care about vulnerability and take their steps to provide fair and appropriate support and services.

To learn more, please contact us today.

Aptean's purpose-built, customer vulnerability detection tool empowers your team to provide first-class support for all your customers along their complaint journey. To learn more about Aptean Respond: Customer Vulnerability Detection Tool, request a quote or personalized demo today.

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