Aptean’s Kim Eaton on the Best Piece of Career Advice She Ever Received: Know Your Strengths

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Kim Eaton, Executive Chairman of Aptean’s Board of Directors, recently shared some of her story and lessons learned with Catherine Tabor, founder and CEO of Sparkfly, on the company’s blog. As Catherine’s introduction to the post says:

“At Sparkfly, we love to acknowledge and show gratitude to the people who have supported us. These amazing people, many of them women, have mentored and believed in us . . . I met Kim when she was the EVP of Marketing at Radiant Systems.  We worked closely together there and again during her time as the SVP and GM of Hospitality at NCR. She is an inspiring leader and communicator and has been an important mentor for me as I work to build a strong, cohesive team.”

In the post, Kim talks about mentors and mentoring, celebrating success and the best piece of career advice she ever received:

“Something that has guided me for the last 15-20 years is to really know what your strengths are and how those strengths can help you achieve your goals. Don’t be so focused on the things you aren’t as good at – find others to complement you in those ways.”

To read more of Kim’s thoughts on career and life, visit the Sparkfly blog.

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