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Optimize Your Routes from Anywhere with Aptean’s Paragon Cloud-Based Route Optimization Software

Optimize Your Routes from Anywhere with Aptean’s Paragon Cloud-Based Route Optimization Software


Optimize Your Routes from Anywhere with Aptean’s Paragon Cloud-Based Route Optimization Software

Nov 18, 2020

Manog Tseung
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Did you realize you can get all the benefits of route optimization software in the Cloud?

With Paragon Routing and Scheduling Cloud from Aptean, you get access to all the features of our industry-leading routing software, backed by the advantages of a cloud-based model, including:

  • Anytime, anywhere system availability

  • Scalable, on-demand infrastructure, with minimal downtime

  • No-hassle software support, through seamless upgrades and service packs

  • Cloud-backed disaster recovery

  • Up-to-the-minute security protection through automated upgrades

Everything becomes centrally managed by our product and technology experts when you move from an on-premise solution to routing and scheduling in the Cloud. You no longer have to worry about scheduling time and resources to perform maintenance, or to upgrade functionality and security. Now, those upgrades and updates happen automatically the moment they are available.

Paragon Routing and Scheduling Cloud from Aptean, powered by Microsoft Azure, removes the need to plan or worry about provisioning and hosting your own infrastructure. You simply pay on a yearly basis and let Aptean worry about what infrastructure to provision and maintain the service, ensuring that you can use it safely, securely, and when you need it. You can add or remove computing power and bandwidth as your requirements change instead of paying now for capacity you don’t yet need – a great way to future-proof your business.

Access cloud-based route optimization software from anywhere

Cloud-based route optimization software no longer sits on individual computers or networks within your organization but is centralized securely on our cloud servers. That means your staff can plan routes from any location where they have an internet connection – a critical advantage in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is attractive to businesses that perform route planning functions from multiple distribution centers, and want to be able to centralize or coordinate these functions easily without being tied to physical access points.

Many of the cloud-based route optimization software systems on the market are basic routing solutions that lack the rich functionality of the Paragon Routing and Scheduling Cloud from Aptean, which combines advanced routing with the convenience of cloud-based deployment. Paragon has blazed a trail in technological advancement with its electronic proof-of-delivery system, fleXipod, and its home delivery management software, HDX. Both products are cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings that utilize mobile devices - including smartphones - to make the most of advanced delivery management capabilities in real time and on the go.

Secure, always backed up, minimal downtime

Technological advances mean that cloud security is no longer the concern it once was, and our secure and monitored online environment offers maximum privacy and protection of your data. This is especially important considering the massive increase in home-based work because of the pandemic, with geographically dispersed teams needing to access secure data and business systems from home.

Aptean takes on the responsibility of ensuring that your data is backed up and always available, even if your facilities suffer a natural disaster, hardware failure or other unforeseen event.

Users of cloud-based route optimization software run less risk of software downtime, too. Higher levels of resilience combined with a cloud-based system availability provide considerable improvements to uptime. Avoiding downtime reduces the cost, inconvenience, and risk of disruption for your business.

Transitioning to cloud-based route optimization is easy, too

Worried about what the switch will involve? Aptean manages the process with you from start to finish, ensuring your move to the cloud is smooth and seamless.

If you’re excited about moving from on-premise to cloud deployment of your route optimization software, we’ll help make the transition fast and smooth. Contact a Paragon from Aptean team member today to find out how.

Tell us about yourself and an Aptean specialist will be in touch.