Constellium Bowling Green Partners with Aptean to Improve Operational Processes

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Aptean TabWare EAM, Case Study


Constellium is a global sector leader that develops innovative, value-added aluminum products for a broad scope of markets and applications including aerospace, automotive and packaging. Its 165-person manufacturing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky houses a capacity of 100,000 metrics tons and produces finished flat-rolled aluminum sheet products for the growing automotive market in North America; it’s there where Billy Froggett, Constellium Bowling Green’s Maintenance Scheduler, uses Aptean TabWare EAM on a daily basis. He and his teammates strive to deliver the best aluminum products in the various industries they serve. Their TabWare solution and the Aptean team help with highlighting opportunities for success and overcoming unexpected challenges.

Constellium Bowling Green’s business success relies heavily on knowing its inventory in and out—where it is, how much remains and how much they need to use to process a certain order. Froggett says, “From a maintenance standpoint, the inventory management functionality has been hugely helpful. Within the system, we can generate a work order, associate parts with it, put them in reserve status as the job begins and then check it as complete once it does go out, or return it back to inventory if we don’t need it.”

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