What to Consider When Selecting an EDI Partner

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a critical part of every consumer goods business. It may also be the most complex and involved set of processes in your organization.

That complexity is often compounded by the demands and requirements of all of your trading partners, each of them requiring ongoing attention for hundreds of maps and compliances. Around-the-clock monitoring by EDI experts can address whatever issues arise and keep the orders flowing. For those businesses that want to consistently perform at the highest level, choosing the right EDI service partner is of the utmost importance.

Aptean Consumer Goods ERP offers fully integrated EDI for consumer goods companies. We offer both managed and non-managed services, ensuring our customers reach and maintain full retailer compliance through services tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our newest whitepaper, What to Look for in an EDI Partner, explores the benefits of EDI, best practices and factors to consider when exploring your EDI partner options.

Download your copy of What to Look for in an EDI Partner  and visit our resource center for additional whitepapers, ebooks and case studies.

If you’d like to talk more about EDI services and how Aptean Consumer Goods ERP can help, get in touch with us today. We’d love to talk.