Food & Beverage Manufacturers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy an MES

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Aptean Factory MES, OEE, Food & Beverage


A manufacturing execution system, or MES, is a solution that works with you and your food and beverage business’s needs. This is a system that can help ensure that your shop floor is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. Not only does it provide complete visibility into your processes, but it helps eliminate the stress and frustration involved in tracking and utilizing data from your shop floor. It does all the onerous, backend work for you so you can focus on building a culture of continuous improvement.

Our newest buyer’s guide examines several key areas of food and beverage manufacturing, including:

  • OEE and Plan Attainment
  • Labor Planning and Tracking
  • Paperless Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Sanitation and Changeovers
  • Real-Time Data and Metrics
  • Integration into ERPs

Available on-premise and in the cloud, Aptean Factory MES replaces non-value-added paper systems with user-friendly technology to drive continuous improvement and collaboration across your organization.

Download your copy of MES Buyer’s Guide, and visit our resource center for other available whitepapers and eBooks. To learn more about how Aptean Factory MES can help you and your business, reach out today, we’d love to talk.