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Shift Scheduling Done Better with Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE

Shift Scheduling Done Better with Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE


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Shift Scheduling Done Better with Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE

31 Mar 2022

John McCurdy
A process manufacturing worker inspects bottles moving along a line.

Working in the process manufacturing industry, you know just how crucial effective crew scheduling and tracking are for smooth operations. After all, your employees are your most important asset, and without the right team on the factory floor, you risk wasting valuable uptime or even falling short on your promise to deliver to your customers on time and in full.

Considering how critical this matter is to your success, robust scheduling tools are an absolute must for your company. You need an approachable, user-friendly platform to manage your staff and plan shifts in advance, but the system must also be flexible enough to allow you to pivot when unforeseen circumstances arise or exceptions occur.

This is especially true in an era of disruption and global uncertainty like that we find ourselves in today. Getting the right number of people for the job at hand and covering all major responsibilities can be a challenge when your employees are out sick and supply chain partners are experiencing delays.

So, what’s the right approach for tackling this challenge? For that, we turn to purpose-built technology—specifically, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solutions created for organizations like yours.

Our Best-in-Class Offering

Here at Aptean, we’re proud to offer a platform for process manufacturers that delivers on its value promise with a host of powerful features. Our purpose-built process manufacturing OEE solution, Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE, is based on decades of collective experience and extensive technical know-how to provide the functionalities you need to rise to the top in a dynamic marketplace.

From optimizing plan attainment and tracking yield to managing continuous improvement campaigns and changeovers, all of your critical processes and procedures are addressed with the tools that our solution offers out of the box. What’s more, the versatility of the system makes it great for companies in any of a number of industries, including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals, among others.

That being said, we heard and listened to feedback on how our product’s shift scheduling capabilities are too rigid for the realties that manufacturers face today. Previously, any scheduling that did not adhere to a set pattern required a manual override—clearly, there was a need for greater flexibility, so we got to work on making this module the best it could be for today’s market climate.

Introducing Version 10.2 and Expanded Shift Scheduling Capabilities

In the latest version of Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE, you’ll find our new shift scheduling features that better serve our clients considering the nature of modern operations. Now, users are no longer bound by any set schedule—they’re entirely free to make modifications that better align with changing daily, weekly and monthly demands.

This means that rotating, holiday and weekend shifts can all be created and managed in a much more streamlined fashion. Exceptions can be created when the situation calls for it, which better reflects how companies like yours must react with agility when personnel are unavailable, demand shifts, service interruptions occur or transportation delays necessitate a change of plans.

What’s more, we added an additional quick link icon to our Shift Scheduler to make access even easier and also incorporated a permission to assign user administrators for the new functionality. Now, the complete package offers a more comprehensive and intuitive experience for our clients.

Unlock Additional Aptean Advantages

If your business is struggling with the challenge of shift scheduling in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of process manufacturing, now is the time to jumpstart your digital transformation with industry-specific technology designed to help you overcome your toughest challenges. And it’s not just Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE that we offer—we also have a full suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for various industries and so much more.

Whether it’s our enterprise asset management (EAM) software, routing and scheduling solution, business intelligence (BI) tools, payment processing platform or any of more than 30 other offerings, you can rest assured that the system is designed for optimal results and minimal hassle.

We strive to act as a partner to our clients, too, working collaboratively in the implementation process and providing guidance and support as long as the software is in use at your facilities. From creating the roadmap and timeline to conducting training and troubleshooting down the road, Aptean has your back.

Want to learn more about Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE and how its new shift scheduling capabilities are optimized for flexibility? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today or request a demo at your soonest convenience.

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