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5 Advantages of Cloud-Based ERP for Repair Shops

5 Advantages of Cloud-Based ERP for Repair Shops


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5 Advantages of Cloud-Based ERP for Repair Shops

Aug 16, 2018

Aptean Staff Writer
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With advances in technology and an increased necessity for mobility, apparatus repair shops both large and small are taking advantage of cloud-hosted repair software as a shift in deployment options works its way into the service repair industry.

Is a cloud ERP a good fit for your company? We offer five advantages Cloud ERP solutions provide companies looking to maintain a competitive edge in this growing industry.

1. Lower Costs and Affordability

With a trusted ERP vendor handling your cloud hosting, you can drastically reduce your initial investment and long-term IT expenditures for hardware, software and personnel. This option is favorable for your IT department as it allows them to maintain administrative control over company data while placing the responsibility for installing, maintaining and updating of ERP software in the provider’s hands.

In addition, employing a cloud-based ERP solution places more control in managing cash flow with monthly subscription payments versus a large upfront expenditure. Cloud hosting may be the answer you’re looking for if you currently lack the IT staff to handle your infrastructure requirements or need to free up overhead for other company initiatives.

2. Scalability

Without the limitations of in-house servers, your company’s scalability needs are met with ease as your business requirements grow and develop. Should your repair shop experience fluctuations in growth, require additional business applications or users, or need to increase locations or mobile functionality, the cloud ERP provider can easily make adjustments in user licenses and software capabilities.

3. Streamlined Deployment

Cloud-hosted ERP solutions offer turnkey convenience without the need for a business to buy and install the necessary hardware. Deployment time is greatly reduced with a fast-tracked, more simplified implementation, placing the go-live timeline in your hands allowing you to experience immediate ROI.  

4. Flexibility

Resourceful cloud-based ERP solution providers offer the unique flexibility to adapt your deployment method as circumstances arise. If cloud hosting becomes undesirable due to regulatory or environmental factors, an on-premises option may be necessary. Partnering with an ERP provider that has the capability to support this transition can be advantageous in a number of ways including hardware selection, data migration and support.

5. Security

Providing control to a cloud-based ERP provider can be intimidating, as the information you keep is vital to your company’s well being. Rest assured, reputable vendors have strict security guidelines that must be followed, including data backup and data redundancy, offering better security services than most businesses can afford in-house.

We recommend partnering with a trusted cloud hosting provider so that you can be assured that your data is safe and secure, with unprecedented uptime. In addition, trusted providers utilize a large number of regional data centers worldwide providing quick response times, saving your company valuable time.

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Cloud ERP software offers the advantages you are looking for, with a price you can afford. Aptean knows how important it is to evaluate your needs to find the right ERP software solution and deployment method for your repair shop. Contact us today for a personalized software demonstration.

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