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Ready for Transformative Process Manufacturing ERP

Process manufacturing is complex and compliance can be tricky. You need a solution developed to meet your unique needs.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and ensure compliance with industry regulations, manage complex formulas and improve efficiencies, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP ProcessPro Edition is for you.

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Elevate Your Performance with Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Streamline and Accelerate Operational Processes

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP organizes your business data, employees and workflows—making your operations more efficient and scalable for growth. Our software offers full manufacturing, inventory and financial integration to provide a complete solution from sales through shipping and beyond.

Take Control of Quality and Compliance

Adapting to ever-changing industry regulations is at the foundation of your business and Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software ensures you remain compliant at every stage. From full traceability of raw materials and finished goods to the ability to provide accurate, real-time reporting to governing bodies, you’ll stay in compliance.

Grow Your Business with Scalability and Flexibility

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software offers flexible deployment options, including cloud, to support your changing operations. Even with remote employees and staff on the road, everyone has access to the same up-to-date information.

Increase Inventory Visibility and Insight

Inventory is at the heart of your manufacturing operation. Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP delivers instant access to real-time inventory information across your organization, including multiple warehouses and facilities. So you can optimize inventory at every step of the production process and comply with traceability requirements.

The Tailored ERP for Your Process Manufacturing Operation

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software is developed specifically for the chemical, nutraceutical and cannabis industries. Our system supports and transforms your enterprise with specialized capabilities. So you can:

  • Increase company-wide visibility of operations

  • Streamline processes to reduce costs and deliver faster

  • Make data-driven decisions

  • Improve accuracy with real-time inventory

  • Gain greater control of business expenditures

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP provides complete visibility, traceability and security, enabling you to streamline operations and drive growth.

Are you ready to future-proof your performance and profitability in your process manufacturing operation?

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Purpose-Built Functionality That Meets Your Needs Now and in the Future

Formulation and Recipe Management

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software provides the tools you need to develop and maintain formulas and recipes, including revisions and versions, for your own production, private label or contract manufacturing. Our solution makes it easy to view labor costs, production notes, material and overhead in a single location.

Quality Control and Compliance

With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP, your quality control department has the flexibility to complete in-process and customer-specific testing at any point of production. Seamlessly generate Certificates of Analysis as needed for individual customers and to meet compliance requirements. Our solution supports supply chain control and supplier management best practices.

Lot Traceability and Reporting

The possibility of product recalls is a reality in your industry. With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software, you can fulfill audit and recall needs with full forward and backward lot number genealogy on all raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods from PO receipt through final sales order. Our system supports conducting mock recalls to establish and adjust recall procedures as necessary.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP’s integrated WMS functionality, you can improve inventory data accuracy of receipts, movements, transfers, material issues, returns and shipments using bar code scanning. With full visibility of warehouse activity, you can monitor staff productivity and maximize operational performance to deliver faster.

Optimized Planning and Scheduling

Efficiently and effectively plan your company’s resources by using Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP’s materials requirement planning (MRP) functionality. You can accurately plan production and purchasing by factoring in supply, demand and forecasted requirements. Simplify production scheduling with automated schedule generation, color coding for work order status and drag and drop rescheduling functionality.

Sales Management

From quoting and order entry to delivering products and managing customer relationships, Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software allows you to drive your business performance to new levels. Share critical information across departments to break down silos and deliver a high level of customer service with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Research and Development

Stay ahead of the competition with Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP’s research and development application. Experiment, test and develop new recipes and formulas within one system and without interfering with current production runs. You’ll be able to leverage existing cost history while seamlessly adding new items for R&D purposes. Once a formula is finalized, you can quickly convert it to the live production environment.

Reporting and Analytics

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP software delivers a 360° view of operations, providing all the information you need to make critical business decisions at your fingertips. From transaction data through analyzing trends to forecasting future demands, we provide the tools you need to run your business more effectively. The ability to graph, sort and drill into your critical information from any device is essential for analyzing your business.

Ready to start transforming your chemical operations?

We’ve got the specialized chemical ERP solution you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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