Solutions Empowering
Retailers and Distributors
to Work Together

Aptean for Distribution and Retail

For seamless supply chain distribution, the relationship between retailers and distributors must be a true partnership, with both parties working hand-in-hand for mutual success. Choosing the right distribution software enables this alliance to work seamlessly for everyone involved. Aptean's industry-specific solutions are designed to support collaboration, scalability, streamlined operations and greater efficiencies.

When retailers and distributors work together to meet demand, drawing on Aptean's industry expertise and utilizing our sophisticated distribution software, they are able to better fulfill their customers’ needs. In this industry, it's all about ensuring customers get what they want, when they want it. We want to help you keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Our industry-specific solutions streamline operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience for the following segments of the distribution and retail industry:

Industry-Specific Capabilities

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your supply chain and improve operational processes. More

Forecasting & Inventory Management

Optimize purchasing decisions with automated DRP and forecasting tools that integrate historical sales data and long lead times. More

Transportation Management

Optimize your fleet operations to reduce and easily navigate your route-management tasks. More

Managed & Integrated EDI

Exchange business documents in a standardized, digitized format and ensure more efficient communication between trading partners with integrated and managed EDI. More

Import Management

Shipment, vessel and container tracking and management provides you the visibility you need to achieve order fulfillment and get your customers the right products at the right time. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Whether you're a consumer goods importer, wholesale distributor or third party logistics provider or retailer, Aptean's distribution software solutions can help you drive operational efficiency, improve customer service and ensure business growth.

ERP for Retailers

Ensure your business processes are aligned with industry best practices and optimized to meet customer demand.

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ERP for Importers & Distributors

Provide your business with the tools you need to connect your teams, while making your supply chain more efficient and your business more profitable.

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Routing & Scheduling

Optimize your planning process, manage costs and maximize performance with our range of routing and scheduling modules.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Streamline delivery processes and improve customer service with electronic proof of delivery software.

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Distribution and Retail Organizations That Trust Aptean

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Built-in EDI functionality, industry knowledge and expertise, and problem-solving solutions turns the right ERP solution into a proven asset year after year.

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Premium home delivery operation for custom-made orders has been created to support customer service values.

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A single, integrated solution can streamline all operations and deliver real-time information visibility throughout the organization.

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Northland Fishing Tackle Logo


400% improvement in warehouse picking efficiency and a 90% improvement in inventory accuracy within just eight months after implementation.

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Sophisticated planning solutions have led to significant savings in terms of mileage and carbon emissions, while supporting ambitious carbon reduction targets.

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Reporting, purchasing and sales modules, and landed cost calculations support business growth.

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Detailed transportation modeling enables DHL to promise well-founded and innovative transportation solutions to its customers.

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Over 12,000 deliveries a week are executed with planned routes and schedules within one complete solution.

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Industry Highlights

See how our tailored distribution software solutions help retailers and distributors like you solve the unique challenges of your industry to drive operational success.