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Whether you are producing cocoa products, sugar confectionery or chewing gum, many factors, such as changing consumer health trends, volatile ingredient prices and fierce competition, are increasing pressure on your revenues. Additionally, the organic and fair-trade movements and a desire for more consumer choice in vegan and reduced-sugar products has meant that confectionery manufacturers need to look to new product development and operational efficiency to remain competitive and profitable.

Aptean's food specific software has been designed to help companies in the chocolate and confectionery industry operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and grow their businesses. Customers are better able to set up custom quality audits, segregate allergens during production and trace raw materials from receiving all the way through to manufacturing.

We provide a complete solution for your confectionery operations, including:

  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Batch Processing
  • Allergen Management
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Traceability
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Inventory Management
  • Recipes and Formulation
  • Shop Floor Management

Your Industry Challenges


Consumers are demanding more detailed information and transparency about what is in their food, where it comes from and if it was produced sustainably with consideration for the environment. With a food specific software solution, confectionery companies can meet these demands for transparency and sustainability whilst increasing consumer confidence.

Food Safety & Quality

Confection companies need to create and customize mandatory quality checks and audits from pre-receipt of materials all the way through to production. With a solution designed for the confectionery industry, our customers can check for temperature, viscosity, formulation and other signifiers used in their facility to confirm quality. In addition, they can comply with food safety standards ensuring that allergens are monitored, tracked and kept segregated from other ingredients.

Manufacturing & Production

In the confectionery sector production efficiency is of high importance. How many products are produced per hour, what are the efficiency rates per machine, what impact do maintenance requirements and other disruptions have on the production line, what are the hours spent on orders, does it fit all the strict regulatory and labeling requirements? With industry specific software this information is efficiently captured to provide vital insights and analysis.

Changing consumer demand

The upcoming trends toward sugar free, gluten-free and non-GMO has an impact on chocolate and confectionery companies. With Aptean's food specific software our customers can easily manage and develop more/alternative recipes, with additions like fresh or whole ingredients, and they can manage more complex and wide-ranging inventories.

Bulk ingredient management

Manage your bulk ingredients throughout processing and formulation. As materials are processed, see how much is required to fill orders so that you're able to order additional materials and adjust future bulk orders.

Industry-Specific Capabilities


Account for raw materials and finished goods through the production process and isolate defective products at the batch level in the event of a recall. More


Set up mandatory quality audits and scoresheets at every step of the production cycle to check for product consistency, integrity and safety. More

Reporting & Analytics

Create robust, customizable reports that measure performance and utilize real-time and historical production, sales and costing data for accurate forecasting. More

Manufacturing & Production

Integrate production scheduling, planning, batch processing and consolidation to boost efficiency across production and distribution channels. More

Warehousing & Inventory

Manage picks, putaways, packing and shipping to keep track of inventory movements and streamline warehouse processes. More

Plant Maintenance

Monitor equipment performance, maintenance schedules, sanitation and changeovers to optimize plan attainment and OEE. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Distinct industry challenges require specific solutions. Aptean's tailored products can help your confectionery business tackle these challenges, and more, with ease. Explore our solutions to find out how you can comply with food safety standards while driving operational efficiency and achieving measurable results.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline operations, connect departments and create more efficient processes while addressing safety, regulatory and quality demands.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Use real-time, shop-floor data to optimize plan attainment, improve OEE and gain complete visibility into all aspects of production and quality compliance.

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Business Intelligence

Monitor your company's performance with a reliable management information system, to take the right decisions from a strategic, tactic and operational perspective.

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Industry Highlights

See how our tailored food software solutions help confectioners like you solve the unique challenges of your industry to drive operational success.