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Each sub-segment of the dairy industry faces unique challenges that require specific solutions. Milk processors, butter manufacturers, cheesemakers and ice cream suppliers undergo complex production processes to ensure their products meet strict safety standards, pass stringent quality tests and are accounted for at every level of manufacturing. Because the cost a manufacturer pays for most milk products is determined by government regulations, it's critical to have the tools in place that can determine advanced versus announced pricing and handle pooling processes involved in dairy production.

Customers who rely on Aptean's dairy software solutions to run their businesses are able to ensure the consistency of their products, accurately determine costs to improve inventory valuation, keep track of each product's components for class development and effectively account for input-based production.

We provide a complete solution for your dairy operations, including:

  • Allergen Management
  • Quality Control
  • Traceability
  • Silo Management
  • Shop Floor Production
  • Nutritional Facts and Ingredients Declarations
  • Catch Weight
  • Expiration Management
  • Inspection Status

Your Industry Challenges


Because milk from a cow is not consistent in terms of its components, it's critical that a manufacturer is able to calculate and account for each supply's measurement of butterfat, protein or non-fat solids. Dairy-specific software can assist in quality tests to measure your components, improving your forecasts and taking guesswork out of the valuation.


Most dairy manufacturers aren't certain how much of each product they'll use in a month, so they determine what milk goes where and how much of a specific farmer's product they'll use to make that product after it is accepted. Advanced software allows manufacturers to track what percent of which milk went into each class of product while keeping track of each supply's components and discrepancies between advanced and announced pricing.

Food Safety and Traceability

Where do raw materials come from? And which specific ingredients were used in each finished product? Transparency throughout the chain is a critical requirement in the dairy sector. In case of a recall, time is of the essence. You need to ensure traceability of the product both up and down the line to accurately and efficiently identify impacted inventory and finished product.

Allergen Management

Manufacturers need to have control over their recipes and formulas to ensure consistency and quality. In the case of allergens, registering of nutritional facts and ingredients declarations is essential. Strict avoidance of allergens is important to prevent serious health consequences. ERP software can help you manage recipes, comply with regulations and protect vulnerable consumers.

Input-Based Production

In dairy production, a single product – milk – enters the process, but multiple products, including cream and skim, are extracted. Manufacturers often combine different lots of raw milk into one tank as they pull cream and skim, which makes adhering to federal cleaning regulations complicated. Next-generation software can trace the components of each lot to give you a better idea of how much of each component you've used and how much is left.

Industry-Specific Capabilities


Account for raw materials and finished goods through the production process and isolate defective products at the batch level in the event of a recall. More


Set up mandatory quality audits and scoresheets at every step of the production cycle to check for product consistency, integrity and safety. More

Reporting & Analytics

Create robust, customizable reports that measure performance and utilize real-time and historical production, sales and costing data for accurate forecasting. More

Manufacturing & Production

Integrate production scheduling, planning, batch processing and consolidation to boost efficiency across production and distribution channels. More

Warehousing & Inventory

Manage picks, putaways, packing and shipping to keep track of inventory movements and streamline warehouse processes. More

Plant Maintenance

Monitor equipment performance, maintenance schedules, sanitation and changeovers to optimize plan attainment and OEE. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Distinct industry challenges require specific solutions. Aptean's tailored products can help your dairy business tackle these challenges, and more, with ease. Explore our solutions to find out how you can comply with food safety standards while driving operational efficiency and achieving measurable results.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline operations, connect departments and create more efficient processes while addressing safety, regulatory and quality demands.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Use real-time, shop-floor data to optimize plan attainment, improve OEE and gain complete visibility into all aspects of production and quality compliance.

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Business Intelligence

Monitor your company's performance with a reliable management information system, to take the right decisions from a strategic, tactic and operational perspective.

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New scalable software provided accurate, real-time and trackable data throughout all areas of the business providing a "single version of the truth" for the management team to trust for decision making and Business Intelligence initiatives.

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