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Frozen Foods Operation

Aptean for Frozen and Prepared Packaged Foods

In the prepared packaged and frozen food industry, demand is driven by consumer trends in tastes, lifestyle choices and health considerations. As consumer interest in grab-and-go foods continues to increase, so does the demand for prepared and ready-to-eat frozen foods. Profitability for manufacturers is dependent on efficient operations, food quality and exceptional customer service.

Customers who rely on Aptean's food and beverage solutions to run their businesses have access to long-term expiry management features, are better able to manage inventory levels and can set up safety checks throughout the receiving, production and shipping processes.

We provide a complete solution for your frozen foods operations, including:

  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Planning
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Expiry Date Management
  • Warehouse Planning
  • Shelf Life Management

Your Industry Challenges

Production Uptime

In a high-volume industry, production uptime is critical in maintaining profitability and continuity of supply. Uptime data and production metrics are recorded in real-time to alert executives to uptime percentages, helping them drill down on real versus theoretical capacity and make informed equipment purchasing decisions.

Batch Processing

Companies who manually manage production scheduling and planning risk running into bottlenecks and creating process inefficiencies. Aptean’s food and beverage software solutions help frozen and prepared food manufacturers complete large orders all at once as materials arrive to get ahead of expiry dates and quickly switch between batches to make the most of production time.

Shelf Life Management

Manufacturers of prepared and frozen foods deal with challenges around condensed or long-term product life cycle management. Using technology that sends ingredients with similar expiry dates into production helps keep turnaround times tight and ensures that finished goods are shipped to customers with ample shelf life. This provides the ability to forecast how long finished products can be stored for before reaching expiry.

Transportation Management

Transporting foods using sanitary best practices is essential to ensuring the safety of the food you produce. With Aptean's food software solutions, information around required shipping conditions – such as type of vehicle, temperature, packaging, etc. – is stored in a centralized database. This allows for the automated generation of a series of checks and tests during the loading and unloading processes to ensure safety and compliance.

Industry-Specific Capabilities


Account for raw materials and finished goods through the production process and isolate defective products at the batch level in the event of a recall. More


Set up mandatory quality audits and scoresheets at every step of the production cycle to check for product consistency, integrity and safety. More

Reporting & Analytics

Create robust, customizable reports that measure performance and utilize real-time and historical production, sales and costing data for accurate forecasting. More

Manufacturing & Production

Integrate production scheduling, planning, batch processing and consolidation to boost efficiency across production and distribution channels. More

Warehousing & Inventory

Manage picks, putaways, packing and shipping to keep track of inventory movements and streamline warehouse processes. More

Plant Maintenance

Monitor equipment performance, maintenance schedules, sanitation and changeovers to optimize plan attainment and OEE. More

Industry-Specific Solutions

Distinct industry challenges require specific solutions. Aptean's tailored products can help your frozen and prepared packaged foods business tackle these challenges, and more, with ease. Explore our solutions to find out how you can comply with food safety standards while driving operational efficiency and achieving measurable results.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline operations, connect departments and create more efficient processes while addressing safety, regulatory and quality demands.

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Manufacturing Execution System

Use real-time, shop-floor data to optimize plan attainment, improve OEE and gain complete visibility into all aspects of production and quality compliance.

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Warehouse Management System

Uncover areas of improvement in your warehouse, track performance metrics and eliminate costs associated with inventory, space and labor.

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When a Portuguese-based company specializing in deep-frozen foods for over 30 years was acquired, Gelcampo turned to Aptean to help integrate their business systems into a single solution.

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See how our tailored food software solutions help frozen and prepared packaged foods manufacturers like you solve the unique challenges of your industry to drive operational success.