TVN Reddy Named Aptean CEO

July 17, 2018


Alpharetta, GA, July 17, 2018 – Chief Operating Officer TVN Reddy has been named to lead Aptean, a leading global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific enterprise software solutions, as the company’s new chief executive officer.

Former CEO Kim Eaton has assumed the position of executive chairman of the Aptean board of directors. She will continue to work with Reddy and Aptean’s management team to evolve the company’s business strategy, champion the organization with customers and partners and develop various strategic initiatives.

“Under Kim’s leadership as CEO, Aptean grew significantly and made great progress in becoming a more customer-focused company,” Reddy said. “Kim has inspired us to always use the customer as our compass in every decision we make. She has also been a champion for our people, recognizing that the value we bring our clients is due to the talent of our teams.”

“Based on the foundation we laid in the last few years, I am very excited to lead Aptean into the next phase with the support of our excellent management team and continued guidance from Kim as vice chairman,” he said.

As COO, Reddy led the Aptean global product, professional services and support teams and was responsible for the integration of acquisitions into the company. He joined Aptean in 2013 as senior vice president of engineering, leading the global product development team. He also served as SVP of process products, with strategic and operational responsibility for Aptean’s portfolio of solutions for process manufacturers.

Reddy has more than 20 years of experience in the software and services industries. Before joining Aptean, he was with ADP Inc. for 12 years, where as vice president of product development he led development for time and labor and mid-market payroll solutions.

Eaton joined Aptean as COO in August 2014, overseeing all aspects of global operations, and became CEO in January 2015. She has more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector and has held a broad range of senior leadership and management positions with several different organizations. Eaton began her career as an Accenture consultant, implementing large-scale distribution and warehouse management systems as well as financial and HR/payroll solutions.

“As we move forward, we will keep our focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, helping our clients achieve financial and operational success, and expanding our solutions and capabilities,” Eaton said. “I may be involved with Aptean in a different way, but I will remain the company’s biggest advocate and supporter.”

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