American Tubing, Inc. Resolves Scheduling Issues and Increases Bottom Line with Aptean Intuitive ERP

American Tubing, Inc. (ATI) is a leading producer of copper components and brazed copper assemblies for use in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. ATI faced a problem familiar to many manufacturers: scheduling. Customers were demanding shorter lead times and ATI’s existing ERP system was not capable of providing the information necessary to respond quickly. As a result, ATI was losing business. At the same time, ATI was moving their equipment away from manual operation toward automation, and they required a system that could schedule efficiently and had machine loading capability. They needed a comprehensive, flexible software solution compatible with their business—and that’s when they found Intuitive ERP. Within the first year after implementing Intuitive ERP, ATI experienced a dramatic drop in overtime, improved consistency in reporting, and ultimately increased their bottom line.






Leading producer of copper components and brazed copper assemblies


Springdale, AK

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The Challenge

Before Intuitive ERP, ATI’s scheduling and insight challenges were causing them to lose business. Their existing ERP system:

  • Was not capable of providing the information necessary to respond to customer requests for short lead times
  • Lacked scheduling and machine loading capability
  • Didn’t provide shop floor load visibility to avoid slowdowns

The Solution

ATI needed a flexible software system that was consistent with the rules of manufacturing. They wanted:

  • A 100% Microsoft solution
  • An easy-to-learn-and-use system, scalable for future business growth
  • The ability to view their shop floor load at any given point in time and ability to schedule hours by department

The Result

Since implementing Intuitive ERP, ATI has seen tangible benefits:

  • Dramatic decrease in overtime billings
  • Ability to make modifications easily without compromising data
  • Low total cost of ownership

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