FUBA Printed Circuits Tunisie SA Grows Its Business with Aptean Cimnet Paradigm ERP

FUBA Printed Circuits Tunisie SA (FUBA) is one of the largest and most technologically advanced producers of printed circuit boards (PCBs). As they grew, FUBA found it increasingly difficult to keep up with production and order fulfillment using only spreadsheets and manual processes. They needed a software solution equipped with PCB industry best practices--and that’s why they chose Aptean Cimnet Paradigm ERP. Paradigm ERP has given the company the speed and accuracy they need to be competitive. Since implementing the solution, FUBA has more than doubled in size and is planning an investment within the next two years that will increase capacity by another 40-50 percent.






Double-sided, plated, through-hole, and multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs)


Henndi el Menzel, Tunisia

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The Challenge

As FUBA experienced widespread growth,he increase in production and number of orders was overwhelming their manual processes.

The Solution

To keep growing, FUBA needed an integrated software solution to bring business information together.

  • Needed to link production with engineering
  • Wanted system support for implementation of PCB industry best practices

The Result

Since implementing Paradigm ERP, FUBA has more than doubled in size. Other benefits include:  

  • Following industry best practices
  • Increased speed and accuracy as a result of linking production with engineering
  • Efficiency through use of a single database for company

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