Gehl's Guernsey Farms Improves Operational Efficiency with Aptean Ross ERP

Gehl's Guernsey Farms is a leader in specialized aseptic food products, supplying more than 100,000 stores, restaurants and concessionaires with high-quality, ready-to-serve food items. In the late 90s, Gehl’s business was growing, but they lacked an enterprise system with the functionality to address changing customer needs, optimize operations, and streamline communication— which was costing them time and money. To combat these issues, they turned to Aptean’s Ross ERP. Since implementing Ross ERP, Gehl’s has streamlined operational efficiencies and more than doubled in size.


Food & Beverage




specialized aseptic food products, including private-label puddings, nutritional drinks, and cheese sauces


Germantown, WI

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The Challenge

Gehl’s lacked an enterprise system with the industry-specific functionality to support its growing business lines and overall expansion. This was causing all kinds of problems:

  • Information was not visible throughout the company
  • Internal teams were forced to conduct inefficient manual physical inventory
  • Company was losing revenue on expired products and returned goods

The Solution

To continue expanding its business, it became essential for Gehl’s to improve operational effectiveness. They needed an ERP with functionality specific to the Food & Beverage industry.  

The Result

Since implementing Ross ERP, Gehl’s has streamlined operational efficiencies. Other results include:

  • Doubled in growth and tripled product offering
  • Eliminated issues around shipping expired products
  • Employees now know product inventory in real-time to accurately fill pick orders
  • Streamlined inventory management increased space on warehouse floor providing more room for new products

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