St. James’s Place Fights Crime by Customizing Aptean Respond

St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s Financial Crime Prevention Team manages the corporate responsibilities for all aspects of financial crime prevention, including maintaining an effective record-keeping system. The team had been using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and email to manage their case workload, but these manual practices led to inefficiencies and inconsistency in their data. They decided to implement Aptean Respond: a single system where they could securely store their case histories and investigate them in a timely manner. Supported by Respond, the Financial Crime team at St. James’s Place is much more efficient; they work in a more secure environment; and, ultimately, they drive positive action from the results of their investigations.


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The Challenge

The Financial Crime Prevention Team at St. James’s Place had a highly manual process of logging and managing cases across several spreadsheets. This created several challenges:

  • Time-consuming, inefficient procedure
  • Risk of information in spreadsheets being inadvertently changed or the spreadsheet corrupting
  • Onerous reporting process involving manually counting case types and resulting in inconsistent MI (Management Information)

The Solution

The Financial Crime Prevention Team started looking for a single system where they could securely store their case histories and investigate them in a timely manner. Since the Client Liaison department at St. James’s Place had already seen such success with Respond for complaints management, the Financial Crime Prevention Team looked into it for their unique use case  and quickly saw how it could also benefit their department.

The Result

St James’s Place primarily use Respond to give them an idea of how to manage workloads and keep all aspects of a file in one place. Respond provides them:

  • One clear source of information relating to all financial crime cases
  • Easy logging and tracking capabilities thanks to highly configurable workflow and alerts
  • A place to securely store all sensitive information, so it’s not on a user’s hard drive or network drive
  • Simple reporting that can be automated
  • Accurate MI to drive actions

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