UFPI standardizes processes and saves money with Aptean TabWare EAM

Universal Forest Products (UFPI) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineered wood and construction materials in the retail, industrial, and construction markets. The publicly traded company operates 130 facilities worldwide, with each location acting as an independent operation. Without a formalized preventive maintenance system in place, UFPI was experiencing a host of costly productivity complications. By deploying TabWare EAM, the company introduced a more proactive approach to maintenance activities with standardized processes and training, which has led to meaningful cost savings for the organization.


Wood, Pulp & Paper


10,000 globally


Engineered wood and construction materials


Grand Rapids, MI

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The Challenge

UFPI was facing a variety of challenges to productivity that were costing them time and money.

  • Maintenance departments across the organization varied in size and complexity
  • Maintenance systems varied by location
  • Advanced technology had complex maintenance and support needs

The Solution

UFPI saw that a single CMMS/EAM solution throughout the company was a priority, but that system needed to address specific requirements:

  • Robust features with standard processes and workflows
  • Ease of use
  • Affordable total cost of ownership

The Result

After deploying TabWare, one of the larger plants at UFPI reduced their breakdown work orders by 30%. Other results included:

  • Organized maintenance activities
    across facilities satisfy equipment
    warranty requirements
  • Access to standardized, actionable reporting across facilities
  • Greater insight into performance and
    cost details
  • Effective training and support has led to almost 100% user adoption

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