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Manufacturing OEE

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE is a state-of-the-art production monitoring solution built for single- and multi-plant manufacturers.  

Our solution helps you identify the sources of loss, as well as areas for improvement to boost your business.

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The Key to Your

Future Production

Creating Awareness

Unite everyone from floor operators to the C-Suite in one common, accurate and instantly accessible vision of machine performance at every level—from individual machines to entire factories. Real-time production status, subscription-based reports and mobile access to production data increase awareness across the factory resulting in improved productivity and more time for value-adding tasks. Plus, built-in templates allow you to visualize machine performance in a way that best suits your business.

Facts for Well-Founded Decisions

By uniting objective automated metrics with expert operator observations, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE produces a true picture of performance for informed management decision-making. With the help of intuitive BI tools for quick and easy analysis, you get a consolidated production overview with the ability to drill down into the details. All this means you can make better decisions based on facts.

Flexibility and Mobility

With a strong mobile solution, you have complete access to your data and production status wherever you are. This means you can easily monitor production issues, status and disturbances. Through the app, users can: view live and historical trend data; input information and report issues; apply Andon functions to trigger alerts and escalate.

Operators in Focus

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE puts the operator in focus, allowing them to report issues and utilize tools for operator maintenance and quality control. The result? You can bring operations and maintenance closer together.

Optimize Production Efficiency With One Solution

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE connects your equipment.  

Robust automatic data collection combined with effective tools for operator reporting builds up the consistent and reliable data you need to make intelligent operational decisions. Real-time visualization along with timely distributed reports creates the awareness that helps you improve availability, performance, and quality output.  

In short, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE builds a solid foundation for your continuous improvement process. 

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Features Focused on

Continuous Improvement


Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE allows you to monitor your production status in real-time, however you like, whether that be on large displays in the factory, at workstations or from mobile devices. Timely distributed reports keep your organization up-to-date and prepared. And all together, this increased awareness enhances your focus on productivity and improvement activities.


Efficiently analyze production information using powerful and easy-to-use tools within Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE. With a few clicks, you can scrutinize information covering all of production with the ability to drill down to a specific department, machine, order or article.


Access the most important functions of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE on your smartphone or tablet. You can manage incident reporting on-the-go and subscribe to alerts that notify you of new, relevant issues. Whether you need feedback on production status, detailed information on production problems, or easy issue reporting, you can have the factory at your fingertips.

Easy Follow-Up

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE empowers your operators to easily register details about the causes of disturbances. By reducing the time for follow-up reporting, operators can instead focus on quality and continuous improvement.

Turn-Key Solutions

With our tailored OEE solution, you benefit from built-in best practices developed in long-term cooperation with manufacturing customers. Fast implementation and user-friendly functionality lead to quick results and return on investment.

Andon Alerts

Create awareness and enable timely action for production issues with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE. Management, maintenance personnel and operators can subscribe to push notifications—directly to their mobile devices.

Operator Maintenance and Quality Control

Skip the binders and instruction books. Instead, enable efficient maintenance and quality control. With our OEE system, you can track upcoming maintenance and immediately report on the performed work—all from the operator’s workstation or a mobile device.

Designed for Integration

A smooth integration with your business, manufacturing and maintenance systems makes data re-entry unnecessary. With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE you can create efficient workflows and maximize the use of your data.


With a modular design and support for multiple sites, time zones and languages, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE supports the specific needs of your organization and grows with you, independent of current size and structure.

SaaS or On-Premise Deployment

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE as a cloud solution provides fast deployment with a low total cost of ownership, high availability, security and smooth upgrades. Or, if preferred, an on-premise installation is available.

IoT and Data Collection

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE builds the backbone of your future production with a straight-forward and cost-effective connection of any machinery to local or global networks regardless of its age.

Easy to Use

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE has an intuitive user interface. With one click reporting and information at their fingertips, your staff will spend less time figuring out issues, and more time focused on quality and continuous improvement.

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