A Practical Guide to OEE and Plan Attainment for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

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Aptean Factory MES, Food & Beverage


An MES solution can change the game for your food and beverage manufacturing business, particularly in terms of overall equipment effectiveness and plan attainment. If your factory doesn’t have an integrated software solution to help you better track your data, processes, and KPIs, likely, you’re still collecting data manually, improvements and adjustments are slow and not always accurate, and you’re making decisions based on data that’s outdated.

In our newest whitepaper, A Practical Guide to OEE and Plan Attainment, you’ll learn about the value of an MES solution, what exactly OEE and plan attainment are, and most importantly, how simply paying attention to and utilizing the data from an MES system can improve the way your factory runs.

Download your copy of A Practical Guide to OEE and Plan Attainment , and visit our resource center for other available whitepapers and eBooks. To learn more about how Aptean Factory MES can help you and your business, reach out today, we’d love to talk.