Change Management

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Change Management, Aptean Factory MES


The vision at Aptean is to enable our customers’ long-term economic success by delivering relevant and trusted technology solutions. A key component of our mission is providing not just software, but rather a solution for the customer’s success. The software is an enabler for change, but real improvement comes from behavioral and organizational change, not simply switching a piece of technology. Part of our Factory MES solution is performance coaching to help drive change at these higher levels and ensure the greatest impact on the company’s performance.

The diagram above shows the key elements involved in a change project, and their relative impact on performance. As we reflect on our own internal business, we must ask ourselves where this model applies at Aptean. A number of our key initiatives, such as creating a high performance culture, driving higher service utilization rates company-wide, and improving product quality, require change.

As we move to the right in the model above, change initiatives become increasingly more challenging; however, small victories in the early stages can pave the way for later successes. When used effectively, tools such as our new Key Focus Areas (KFAs) can help us drive the type of behaviors and culture that improves our performance the most. These team-based goals keep the individual aligned with our company strategies. In the end, it takes interaction among every aspect of our organization – technical, work flow, people, and more – to make change successful.