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Solutions Developed for Discrete and Industrial Manufacturing

Staying ahead of the competition in the discrete manufacturing industry requires cutting-edge technology. Aptean’s portfolio of industrial manufacturing solutions puts all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

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Each industry has its unique challenges. So you need a seasoned provider with deep expertise and years of experience in discrete manufacturing.

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We work in many segments across the industrial manufacturing industry. Tell us your needs, and we’ll create the solution for you!
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Software Solutions

In this competitive environment, you need discrete manufacturing software that will power the most unique and complex operations of your to-order or mixed-mode manufacturing organization.
Discrete and Industrial Manufacturing ERP
Streamline operations, improve efficiencies and track your operations—it’s all possible with our discrete manufacturing ERP solutions.
Discrete and Industrial Manufacturing TMS
Gain full visibility of your transportation operations while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and boosting service with our TMS solutions.
Discrete and Industrial Manufacturing OEE
Discrete and Industrial Manufacturing EAM
Aptean Pay

Success Stories

The Metalworking Group Increases On-Time, In-Full Delivery to 86% With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP

In under 12 months, this full-scale design and metal manufacturer was able to dramatically increase shop floor visibility and efficiency resulting is an impactful jump in OTIF rate.

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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP
Streamline operations, improve efficiencies and track your operations—it’s all possible with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP.
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Boston Centerless Drives Efficiency Improvements With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Boston Centerless, an industry leader in supplying precision ground bar materials and grinding services, increased on-time delivery to 98% and saw a 20% boost in production with no additional staff using Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP.

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Master the challenges of your industry with solutions tailored to your needs

Want to take your business to the next level? A one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it. That’s why our industrial manufacturing software is built with the capabilities to tackle your challenges.

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Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

Manage your production and supply chains with unmatched precision, track supplies and orders efficiently and even adapt with flexibility to unplanned changes. We’ve got your “to order” operation covered with our industrial manufacturing solutions.

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Shop Floor Execution

A lot happens on your shop floor. So, you need a solution that not only keeps up, but streamlines the complexity. Our industry-specific ERPs de-risk your operations with automation, monitoring, paperless communication and a why-late toolset.

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Real-Time Planning and Scheduling

Task scheduling is made simple with our industrial manufacturing ERPs. With this capability you can create more accurate and dependable plans, monitor execution and respond quickly to unplanned events—all leading to maximized efficiency and profit.

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In-Depth Order Costing

Maximizing profit. It’s the goal for every business, right? That’s why we created the Aptean Margin Analyzer—to help you optimize the performance of your operation and monitor profitability from almost every angle conceivable.

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Production Monitoring

Aptean OEE captures machine data to help you spot trends in equipment performance and maximize production efficiency. So, the only question is—are you ready to build a solid foundation for your continuous improvement process?

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Plant Maintenance

Maximize asset use, ensure equipment reliability and uptime and streamline maintenance planning and scheduling. Tick all these boxes and more with our Aptean EAM solution.

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Start transforming your business today

If you’re ready to take your discrete and industrial manufacturing business to the next level, we’d love to help.

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