The Metalworking Group Enhances Visibility and Masters Scheduling with Made2Manage ERP

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The Metalworking Group(MWG) is a full-scale design and metal manufacturer capable of producing everything from small component parts to large structural fabrications. At any given time, it has 2,500 open, custom-made component orders for a wide array of customers going through the shop.

By implementing Made2Manage ERP, MWG has been able to better manage and schedule all those orders.

Made2Manage has enabled our growth as a business,” said MWG CEO Doug Watts. “Since implementing M2M, we’ve been able to scale up quickly and easily, with revenue increasing four times what it was since implementing.”

In addition to quadrupling revenue since implementing Made2Manage, MWG has improved its on-time, in-full rate by over 10%.

“Though 11% may not seem like a huge number, the reality of going from 75% to 86% is huge,” Watts said. “It’s a big jump, and it’s really meaningful to us.”

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