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Aptean CRM - Customer Self-Service Portal

Aptean CRM - Customer Self-Service Portal

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Aptean CRM - Customer Self-Service Portal

25 Feb 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Self Service Hub Gives Customers the Power
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Providing exceptional customer service isn’t always easy, especially when your company is dealing with a busy support center and long wait times. Today’s customers want help right away and don’t want to wait. Is there a way to provide immediate self-service assistance while also cutting down on your customer service requests?

The Aptean CRM 24/7 Self Service Portal delivers an efficient, fast way for your customers to securely access CRM data, such as customer service cases, product information, FAQs, sales literature, articles and more. The portal makes it easier than ever to share important data with your customers, and because they can access this information on their own at any time, it may help cut down on the calls and emails requesting this information. Customers can simply log in, find the information they need without having to contact your business.

Encouraging customer communication and increased engagement, the Aptean CRM Portal gives businesses the opportunity to easily share information with customers that may not be available on their company website and is also configured to manage customer service requests.

A New Approach to a User Portal

Before self-help options like a customer portal, businesses mostly relied on emails, phone calls and chat to assist with customer service issues. This has the potential to cause multiple problems including long waits when dealing with high volumes of customer service requests and customers being limited to strict business hours.

The Aptean CRM Portal introduces a new outlook on the customer service experience.

  • Satisfy Your Customers 24/7. Provide round the clock access to critical information. Customers get what they need fast, resulting in a positive outlook on your business.

  • Improved Customer Knowledge. Submit product questions directly in the portal, vastly improving upon customer/company knowledge and communication.

  • Save Money and Time. Businesses save cash when they don’t have to spend it dealing with customer request and issues that can be resolved in the portal.

Portal Benefits

Improved Productivity

With immediate access to much needed information, portal users no longer have to wait unknown amounts of time to get needed company data. Getting the information you need, cuts out downtime at work. No time wasted. More work done.

Additional Self-Help Options

The customer service experience extends beyond the company/client relationship because customers can help themselves too. With the ability to submit product questions/issues, as well as browse self-help documentation and product literature, customers have more options of getting questions answered and developing an in-depth understanding of products.

No More Overspending

Often times, support centers spend a lot of time and money dealing with customer support calls and emails, and even more time struggling to divide their time between helping all of their customers. The portal gives customer the opportunity to access information on their own, anywhere, anytime, helping to cut down on the volume of customer service requests.

Key Features

  • New Design. The unique interface allows customers to customize their portal login page to showcase each user’s business specific logo.

  • Contact View. View the status and login history of a portal user, as well as maintain account status.

  • Portal Sign Up. Become a portal user in two ways, through invitation or by submitting a portal request form, which can be enabled on the portal Login page, then securely log in.

  • Portal Workspace. Utilize the portal dashboard to add new requests, review existing ones and post messages and attachments related to their cases.

  • Knowledge Library. The self-help solution meant to share and store company content including images, literature, FAQs and solutions, for both business and customer usage is available within the customer portal.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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