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Aptean CRM - Opportunity Management Software

Aptean CRM - Opportunity Management Software

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Aptean CRM - Opportunity Management Software

2 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Complete Visibility of Your Opportunities
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If you’re working with multiple deals at various stages in your sales pipeline, or have a long or complex sales cycle, it can be challenging to keep track of all the details associated with every opportunity.

Aptean CRM is the solution. Our opportunity management functionality allows you to implement sales methodologies that help guide your sales reps through predefined steps to the final sale. It provides opportunity tracking so you’ll always know the details for each prospective sale, and allows you to review forecasts in real-time with detailed reports, dashboards and lists. We give you complete visibility into your pipeline so you can ensure your forecasting is accurate and identify where the best opportunities lie.

  • Improve Your Win Rates. Implement sales methodologies and guide reps through predefined steps so important stages are never missed and opportunities continue progressing through your pipeline.

  • Manage Your Pipeline. Sales and management reports and dashboards provide access to data and analytics, including an opportunity funnel, sales reports, key performance indicators and pending activities.

  • Expose Hot Opportunities. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks. With more information at your fingertips, you can uncover the best opportunities and focus resources where they matter most.

Make Your Pipeline More Visible

Structure Your Approach to Selling

Opportunity management (also known as sales opportunity tracking or opportunity pipeline management) refers to the process of identifying and evaluating the details and needs of your opportunities, and tracking those opportunities throughout the entire sales cycle.

Aptean CRM’s opportunity management software provides the tools you need to develop sales methodologies that guide reps through a predefined workflow path. By structuring your sales process, opportunities efficiently progress through your pipeline, and your sales reps always know what to do next. The approach is consistent and nothing falls through the cracks.

More Accurate Forecasting

Build reliable and accurate sales forecasts with Aptean CRM opportunity management. Our sales dashboards and reports give you a bird’s-eye view into exactly what is happening in your pipeline, so you can identify the details of every opportunity and ensure your forecasts are always accurate and up-to-date.

Our comprehensive reporting capabilities include an opportunity funnel revealing opportunities by stage in the sales cycle, key performance indicators and sales reports such as opportunity totals by rep, opportunity status and opportunity percent to close. Track source and interest data from start to finish and drill even further into your details with opportunity-based reports such as competitor analysis, forecasts by rep/value/month and length of the sales cycle.

Understand Your Sales Cycle

Opportunity management illustrates how well each of your opportunities align with the steps of your sales process. This gives you a better understanding of how your sales cycle works so you can make adjustments when necessary. By combining lead, source and opportunity management features, Aptean CRM can help you manage everything from simple to complex sales cycles.

Boost Productivity

In addition to delivering a methodology for tracking the details of your deals, Aptean CRM opportunity management also delivers a major boost in productivity. Rather than having your reps spend their time compiling the details for all their deals, management can generate an up-to-date opportunity forecast with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also quickly generate quotes and maintain a detailed quote history for each opportunity.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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