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Future-Ready Manufacturing: Sign Up for Our New Series of Free Webinars

Future-Ready Manufacturing: Sign Up for Our New Series of Free Webinars

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Future-Ready Manufacturing: Sign Up for Our New Series of Free Webinars

12 Mai 2021

Andy Pickard
Tablet taking a picture of machinery

Manufacturing was already digitally transforming before 2020. But COVID-19 made the need for change an industry imperative. After more than a year of disruption, how can your business use pandemic pressures as a catalyst to get future-ready?

Aptean is here to help you to prepare for the unpredictable. This May, we’re launching a new webinar series on the core pillars of Future-Ready Manufacturing.

In the Future-Ready Manufacturing webinar series, we’ll be looking at four key areas your business needs to strengthen in order to thrive post-pandemic. And we’ll help you to develop an operational approach that can anticipate and manage future change.

It’s completely free to sign up, and you’ll get access to exclusive strategies from our subject matter expert.

Join us for the following deep dives….

Webinar 1: PERCEIVE: See and Make Smart, Strategic Business Choices

When:  May 14, 12:00PM Eastern

Topics on the table:

  • How to get complete, real-time visibility of all your operations

  • Factoring material availability and customer trends into demand planning

  • Making business data accessible anywhere, to drive smart decisions

  • Increasing flexibility in your supply chain

Webinar 2: PERFORM: Reinforce the Power of Your People

When: May 28, 12:00PM Eastern

Topics on the table:

  • Using technology to extract your team’s full value

  • How automation can enhance critical thinking and creativity

  • Helping your team find ways to increase revenue

  • Putting data into people’s hands to build a flexible, responsive culture

Webinar 3: PROFIT: Find Every Opportunity in an Unreliable Market

When: June 11, 12:00PM Eastern

Topics on the table:

  • How to build a lean, agile operation that works efficiently

  • Capturing new opportunities before the competition

  • Taking an integrated approach to digital transformation

  • Making dynamic decisions that drive profit

Webinar 4: PROGRESS: Think and Act Outside the Box

When: June 25, 12:00PM Eastern

Topics on the table:

  • Why innovation is key to driving growth

  • Getting people, processes and machinery running at full speed

  • Embracing change to drive new business opportunities

  • Putting KPIs in place that track and measure your progress

In each webinar, we’ll share real-world scenarios that demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation. And we’ll be discussing how Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP software enables manufacturers to achieve excellence in each critical area.

We hope you can join us!

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