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Ready for Success

With ERP Software for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetic, personal care and beauty manufacturing is a complex process, with many ingredients to manage and intricate compliance requirements. An industry-specific ERP helps you master these challenges.

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Be Ready for the Future with

Aptean Cosmetics ERP

Cosmetics ERP Software Designed to Conquer the Sector’s Unique Challenges

In the consumer-driven and highly regulated world of cosmetics, personal care and beauty, you need an ERP developed specifically for your challenges. Aptean’s personal care ERP gives you the flexibility to adapt to new demands—whether they come from government regulations, consumers or your own company standards. You can tighten security at all levels, accurately log transactions and conform to industry-best practices. In addition, auditing tools, supporting data records and reporting standards give you peace of mind that no matter how regulations evolve, you’ll stay up to date.

Aptean’s ERP for the cosmetic industry integrates your manufacturing and core business areas—quality, inventory, sales and accounting—while linking your information to provide real-time visibility, reporting and analytics. Our industry expertise supports private-label manufacturers, co-packers and producers of their own line of cosmetics, skin care, health care and oral care products, including makeup, lotions, creams, gels and soaps. With our ERP you get security, stability and total real-time visibility so you can operate more efficiently.

Our comprehensive cosmetic ERP solution allows for chemists to create new formulas, denote material specific instructions, utilize mixed units of measure, observe physical properties, record manufacturing instructions, set up quality control tests, track changes and distinguish costs for labor, material and overhead—all from within one system.

What Makes Aptean ERP for Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care Shine Above the Rest?

As a cosmetic or personal care manufacturer, you know better than anyone that “one shade fits all” is out. Cosmetic manufacturing ERP software offers extensive and personalized options to fulfill the accelerated demands of your industry, including:

  • Established formula management system for complex, multi-level formulas

  • Accurate tracking and tracing of inventory

  • Real-time lot tracking to aid in product recalls

  • Effective batch sizing and scaling

  • Robust R&D functionality

  • Flexible quality control and management

  • Ability to meet the latest compliance requirements: Personal Care Products Safety Act, FDA, cGMP, Bioterrorism Act and others

  • Auditing tools with supporting data records and reporting standards

The age of digital transformation is now for the personal care industry. Get ready for the future by leveraging Aptean’s robust technology developed for your industry. Chat with one of our experts to get started today.

Schalten Sie kosmetikspezifische Funktionen frei und nutzen Sie den Aptean-Vorteil

Sind Sie bereit, alle Möglichkeiten zu erkunden, wie Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP die Abläufe in Ihrem Unternehmen mit maßgeschneiderten Tools für Ihre einzigartigen Herausforderungen sicherstellen kann?

Wahrscheinlich haben Sie viele Fragen zu unseren Lösungen und dem Implementierungsprozess, ganz zu schweigen von den Ressourcen, die Sie als Unternehmen bereitstellen müssen.

Die meisten Anbieter von ERP-Lösungen sind gerne bereit, Ihnen auf Anfrage einen Kostenvoranschlag zu unterbreiten, aber es ist wichtig, dass Sie Ihre Bedürfnisse und Erwartungen klar und deutlich darlegen können, damit ihre Teams eine realistische und genaue Zahl ermitteln können. In diesem Blogbeitrag gehen wir auf die wichtigsten Überlegungen ein, die Sie anstellen müssen, bevor Sie Ihre Anfrage für ein ERP-Angebot einreichen, und wie Sie den Prozess am besten durchführen.

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Being ready for the future is a beautiful thing

We have the ERP solution to boost your performance in cosmetics, personal care and beauty sectors.

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