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Tailored Solutions For Your Industry Challenges

Your business faces more challenges today than ever before. Our solutions are industry-built empowering our customers to adapt quickly and efficiently to inevitable market changes.

That’s why it’s time to break up with cookie-cutter solutions and choose software built to propel your business forward—today and tomorrow.

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Aptean Solutions:

The Firepower Behind

Your Success

No More One-Size-Fits-All

Every business is different. So, in reality, one-size-fits-all solutions never fit anyone all that well.

In contrast, our enterprise software is built from the ground up for your industry—taking into account the intricacies and complexities that make your business unique.

What does that mean for you? It means no expensive customisations or plug-ins. It means easier implementation and adoption. It means deeper and broader realisation of benefits. And ultimately, it means quicker ROI. 

No More Going It Alone

We don’t deliver the solution and leave you to work out the details. That’s not our style.

Instead, we’re a by-your-side partner, focused on providing exactly what you need—from complete implementation to ongoing support.

With deep expertise, comprehensive knowledge of our customers’ industries and a relentless commitment to bringing their a-game, our team provides real-world value to our customers, day in, day out.

No More Status Quo

We think you deserve better than “that's how it’s always been done”.

So, you can count on us to continually think outside the box, looking for innovative solutions to master your challenges, new ways to solve problems and fresh ideas to help grow your business.

And by leveraging cloud software and new technologies we’re able to help you accelerate your digital transformation, leaving the competition in the dust.

Drive Measurable Results With Specialised Solutions

Are you ready to get started on your digital transformation journey with a by-your-side partner? Explore our solutions below or get in touch to speak with one of our industry experts.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Automate processes, improve visibility and remove departmental silos to drive efficiency and productivity with our industry-specific ERP solutions.

Explore our range of purpose-built ERPs
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Customer Experience (CX)

Boost your customer experience while maintaining watertight compliance at one of the most critical touchpoints with our complaints management system.

See our solution for great customer experience
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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Gain complete visibility and control across your transportation department while improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Discover our advanced TMS tools
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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Maximise efficiency and time to market while satisfying customer demands with our PLM solution designed for the consumer packaged goods industry.

Explore our PLM solution
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Woman at cashier desk in retail apparel store

Retail Planning Platform

Discover better retail planning with a common platform housing multiple, tightly integrated merchandise lifecycle management modules that all work together seamlessly.

Explore our retail planning modules
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Man in a automation factory looking at a tablet.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Turn disjointed data and process information into actionable business intelligence to maximize efficiency and forge a path to continuous improvement.

Discover Aptean MES
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Woman on computer in a office.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Reduce downtime, maximise asset performance and cut maintenance costs in your manufacturing operation with our specialised EAM solutions.

View our EAM solutions
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Business Solutions (CRM, EDI, BI and more)

Extend the capabilities of your Aptean platform to maximise performance with our BI, EDI, CRM, payment processing platform and eCommerce solutions.

Explore Aptean Business Solutions
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Intellectual Property (IP) Search

Accelerate your research and protect your IP by searching the world’s largest IP sequence database quickly and easily.

Find out more about our IP search solution
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"Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP has helped our company manage our businesses globally in a way that is easy enough for the common user to understand, yet with enough power under the hood to meet bigger challenges."

Craig CormierIT ManagerAnderson Power Products

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialised solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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