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Ready for an Intuitive EAM System

Whether you are a smaller, single-site operation or a large, global multi-site organisation, Aptean EAM API PRO Edition is ready to optimise your maintenance process, asset reliability and operational effectiveness.

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Ready to Optimise

Asset Performance

With Our EAM System

Graphical Navigation

Aptean EAM’s graphical interface provides an at-a-glance overview of your entire operation, with the ability to instantly create work orders or stock removals for selected objects, just by clicking on an image.

Designed for Integration

Aptean EAM is developed for smooth integration into your IT structure, sharing information with ERP, OEE, MES and SCADA systems.

Embedded BI

Dashboards and standard reports present critical KPIs, creating awareness of asset performance and effectiveness in the maintenance process. And intuitive BI tools allow you to drill down into data to make informed decisions.

Flexible and Configurable

With the Aptean EAM system, you can select and use only the functionality your organisation needs so that you’re not bogged down with unnecessary features and get the maximum benefit.

Optimise Your Asset Performance and Stay Competitive

Are you ready to optimise asset performance while keeping your total spare part costs at the right level?  

Aptean EAM supports automatic data collection via Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services to let you be predictive in your maintenance process and access the data you need to support continuous improvement. Our EAM system will help you stay competitive by: 

  • Optimising asset performance with full control over your assets and workforce

  • Increasing reliability and predictability with easy access to KPIs for fact-based decision making

  • Minimising costly downtime with efficient planning tools and smooth work order management

  • Reducing maintenance and spare part costs with complete support for an efficient maintenance process as well as stock management and purchasing

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Aptean EAM Academy

Certification Program
Aptean EAM Academy provides a step-by-step training program that allows users to become an Aptean EAM Certified User, Certified Professional or Certified Expert. Our courses pave the way to becoming certified in the various Aptean EAM roles.
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Success with Aptean

As Operators of Denmark’s Largest Waste Incineration Facility, ARC Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency by Transforming to Digital Maintenance Workflows

With Aptean EAM as their choice maintenance system, ARC was able to dramatically reduce its total cost for work in the maintenance process, increasing the efficiency on the floor and the maintenance office. In addition to reducing costs, the switch to a digital workflow with Aptean EAM played a crucial role in eliminating costly and time-consuming manual processing errors by minimising any further usage of inefficient paper-based workflows.

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Ready for Your Industry

With industries facing high customer demands for quality and safety as well as regulations on data compliance and transparency, it's a challenge for businesses to deliver on these parameters and stay competitive in such markets.

Your operation needs to continuously look for ways to streamline business processes, increase utilisation of assets, reduce downtime and predict deviance in output.

Enter Aptean. Our solutions are ideally suited for overcoming these optimisation challenges. We provide the tools needed to identify shortcomings in the value chain as well as ineffective processes and to rapidly solve those problems when discovered – all in real time.

Additionally, planning is made easy and flexible with analysis and reports readily available to ensure transparency of maintenance activities and visibility of key performance indicators.

Aptean EAM has been applied successfully within the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing and Automotive

  • Ports and Logistics

  • Power and Utility

Don't see your industry listed? Our customers enjoy the benefits of tailored implementations, which mirror the special characteristics of their business.

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Deep Functionality

to Support a True

Digital Workflow

Comprehensive Maintenance Management

Receive full support for preventive, corrective and condition-based maintenance. The workflow covers maintenance management including work order generation, resource planning and maintenance project management.

Material and Purchase Management

Get comprehensive control of stock, usage of parts, warranty and the purchasing process to optimise your asset performance while keeping your total spare part costs at optimal levels.

Visual Planning

Easily schedule preventive and corrective work with built-in planning tools. The Visual Planning module provides an overview of the workload, the available resources and the used capacity all on one screen.


Aptean EAM supports multiple sites with financial transactions in different currencies, maintenance work in different time zones and in multiple languages—all in the same database. This enables you to share spare parts and crucial data between sites.

Mobile Maintenance

Create a flexible and efficient maintenance process with access to essential EAM tools on mobile devices. With this functionality you’re to perform daily maintenance operations or manage spare parts wherever you are.

Analysis and Reporting

Get quick and easy access to all the essential technical, financial and organisational performance indicators you need, using customisable reports with drill-down capabilities.

Calibration Management for FDA

Aptean EAM is a combined maintenance and calibration management solution for industrial operations that require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) compliance or have high internal quality and safety standards.

Document Management

The flexible document management system supports revision control and permission management. Documents are stored directly in the database with access via the plant explorer or via graphical navigation.

SaaS or On-Premise Deployment

Aptean EAM as a cloud solution provides for fast deployment with a low total cost of ownership, security, high availability and smooth upgrades. If preferred, an on-premise installation will give you solid support for your operations.

IoT and Data Collection

Use modern technology like MQTT and OPC UA to enable distributed data collection. Collect operational hours or other counter values, measured values from inspection rounds or sensors. And create work orders automatically.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialised EAM solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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