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Ready for

Sweet Success

with Bakery ERP

Bakeries handle highly variable raw ingredients, fast-approaching expiration dates and enhanced scrutiny of their allergen management.

That's why you need a bakery-specific ERP designed for sweet success by solving your complicated challenges, letting your bakery thrive.

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Working With Grains

Can Be Complicated,

But Aptean’s ERP for Bakeries Can Help.

We Understand The Complexities of Working With Grains As A Bakery

Grains are notoriously susceptible to weather changes, and recent drastic weather events worldwide continue to constrain supply. This makes it even more important that your ERP system can effectively plan your operations—otherwise, you’re risking valuable product that may become waste.

Costs to enter and remain in the grain market can also present a challenge to any producer. From labor costs to irrigation and soil conditioning, there are tons of line items that need to be accounted for and captured by your ERP system.

And of course, consumers want to know if certain allergens—like wheat or gluten—are present in your products. Without a reliable way to assign allergens to raw materials and inform production personnel, you risk improper labeling and cross-contamination.

Aptean’s solutions are built for the industries they serve, by people that have worked in those industries. That’s why our ERP for bakeries provides vital bakery-specific functionality with features made specially for working with grains, breads and desserts.

Ready to get started improving your bakery operations? Get in touch with our bakery ERP experts today.

How Can Aptean’s ERP Solution Help Better Manage My Bakery?

In addition to the bakery-specific functionality that Aptean’s ERP solution offers, we pride ourselves on having created a solution that specializes in both control and flexibility.

  • Plan, monitor and manage production within your dynamic environment with unique features such as label room, optimized production touchscreen and backflushing enhancements

  • Realize every detailed cost across your food supply chain, including: haulage, labor, machine costs, duty, rework and more

  • List the allergens that are present in your products, then assign them to your raw materials and manufactured items

  • Give your production personnel full visibility into any upcoming activities that will contain allergens to ensure proper planning takes place

  • Gain visibility into producer activities through a collaborative forecasting and planning module with a quality view, pack out view and advanced shipment notifications

  • Manage the creation of a vast array of service charge rates, triggered at different points throughout the supply chain, recording both the cost to you and the revenue you intend to charge for those services so you can report on your operation’s profitability

“It’s simply better with Aptean. Aptean Bakery ERP has helped us solve a number of data issues and ultimately move forward as an organization.”

Supply Chain DirectorMadrona Specialty Foods