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Ready to Manage Customer Relationships

Being able to view your customers as a single entity across all channels of engagement helps you improve service, drive sales and increase profits. Find out how our solutions set you up for success.

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Customer Management for Today's Industry Challenges

Today's consumers don't just shop from a single channel. So, the experience they have must be seamless as they switch between various platforms. A happy customer means repeat business, brand loyalty and ultimately more sales.

The concept of customer relationship management (CRM) isn't new. But it's one that can help you increase customer satisfaction, cut operational costs and enhance your position in the marketplace. Having an intuitive CRM system enables you to think smarter. To keep one step ahead of the competition. To attract and nurture loyal customers.

The CRM system acts as a central hub, helping you make more strategic planning decisions based on in-depth data and analytics—empowering you to increase productivity, improve customer service and close deals.

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Transformative Insight into Your Customer Relationships

CRM software is proven to help you discover intelligent customer insights and unleash additional sales opportunities. Our solution gives you the tools to accurately profile and market to your multi-channel customers while enhancing your ability to manage targeted campaigns to boost sales, drive customer purchase activity and increase profitability.

With CRM functionality integrated with our ERP solutions, all your customer insight, activity and patterns of behavior are managed in one centralized location—regardless of sales channel or touchpoint. You get a single, comprehensive view of the customer across all channels to help drive sales, increase profits and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Other capabilities of our

distribution software

that you'll love

We know your industry inside out. Which is why we’ve designed distribution software with the capabilities to solve your specific challenges—ensuring you're Ready for What's Next, Now®.

Omnichannel Order Management

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Omnichannel Order Management

The challenge

Customer demands are always evolving—you must be able to juggle their expectations, deliver a unified omnichannel experience and maintain operational efficiency.

The solution

With an omnichannel order management system, you can ace both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency—ensuring your business thrives in this competitive marketplace.

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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

The challenge

Poor supply chain management (SCM) leads to siloed functions, inefficiencies, disjointed operational processes and ultimately a measurable dent in your profits.

The solution

But, with our SCM tools you can improve processes, visibility and control across your supply chain—resulting in lower costs, enhanced customer service and higher profits.

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Start transforming your customer management today

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