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Ready for Flexible Omnichannel Order Management

Looking to deliver a unified omnichannel experience that meets the demands of today's consumers? It's easier than you think with our flexible omnichannel order management system.

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Fulfill Evolving Consumer Expectations

The consumer purchasing journey is more dynamic than it's ever been. Today's buyer continuously evaluates the options available, interacts with retailers across multiple different channels and then does this again and again. Technology allows them to be more connected and empowered—whenever and wherever they want.

That leaves you with a challenge: to fulfill consumers' high expectations and deliver a unified, omnichannel experience without sacrificing efficiency or profitability. But how?

Deploying an omnichannel order management system is an excellent place to start.

These systems provide a single view of all aspects of your retail operation—including inventory management, stock control, order processing, order fulfillment, warehouse and logistics operations and customer analysis.

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Support Multiple Sales Channels From a Single Source

The success of your omnichannel retail operation is dependent on your technology. Aptean's omnichannel order management software is an intuitive, integrated order management and automation system that helps you expand, maintain and support several sales channels from a single source.

You can:

  • Gain a single view of customers

  • Fully utilize stock across your business

  • Increase sales

  • Deliver outstanding customer service

  • Provide a range of fulfillment and delivery options to meet consumer demand

  • Increase control of your business performance with intelligent analytics

Aptean's advanced solutions enhance the customer experience, deliver faster inventory turns and create higher profit margins.

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Other capabilities of our

distribution software

that you'll love

We know your industry inside out. Which is why we’ve designed distribution software with the capabilities to solve your specific challenges—ensuring you're Ready for What's Next, Now®.

Customer Management

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Customer Management

The challenge

Happy and loyal customers are at the heart of your success. But open and quick communication, order updates and invoicing isn’t always easy.

The solution

Uncover customer insights and make better strategic planning decisions with a CRM system that empowers you to drive sales, increase profit and enhance the customer experience.

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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

The challenge

Poor supply chain management (SCM) leads to siloed functions, inefficiencies, disjointed operational processes and ultimately a measurable dent in your profits.

The solution

But, with our SCM tools you can improve processes, visibility and control across your supply chain—resulting in lower costs, enhanced customer service and higher profits.

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Start transforming your omnichannel operation

If you’re ready to take your distribution business to the next level, we’d love to help.