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Top 5 Benefits of ERP for Process Manufacturing

Top 5 Benefits of ERP for Process Manufacturing


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Top 5 Benefits of ERP for Process Manufacturing

Dec 6, 2021

Daniel Erickson
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Are you thinking of investing in ERP software, but unsure whether to choose a general manufacturing solution or one created for process manufacturers?

We may be a little biased, but as process manufacturing ERP specialists, Aptean knows first-hand the added value that industry-specific technology offers. Want to know more? Here are our top five benefits to choosing an ERP for process manufacturing.

1. Consistent Batch Quality

The major advantage of choosing a process manufacturing ERP over generic software is the inclusion of a recipe or formula management feature. This allows your business to calculate the exact quantities of ingredients needed for consistent batch manufacturing, regardless of the units of measurement or the size of the order.

Unlike manual recipe calculations, with ERP technology you can automatically adjust the volumes and quantities required, removing the risk of manual errors. This makes it easier to produce and scale batches to the same high standard time after time, reinforcing your status as a reliable process manufacturer.

Process manufacturing ERP also allows you to record recipe and formula revisions, so you can make sure that changes to customer orders are reflected in your production processes and stored in a central, secure location.

2. Complete Traceability of Ingredients

Staying on the subject of reliability, another way to build customer trust is by accounting for the exact origin of every raw ingredient used in your manufacturing process. And this is something that’s achieved through the use of specialized ERP software with a lot traceability feature.

Unlike other types of manufacturing, the nature of process manufacturing means that ingredients need to be combined to create the final good. So you can’t just swap out a component during or post-production.

Lot traceability ensures that every ingredient you’ve used is clearly tracked through the value chain. This way, if there is any kind of quality control issue and you need to recall products, you know exactly which batches were affected and where they’ve been distributed. 

3. Closer Inventory Control

In the process manufacturing sector, it’s not just a case of ordering some components and then reordering them when stocks run low. The raw materials you’re working with are often perishable—which means they need to be stored a certain way, and they may also have a limited shelf life.

With an ERP for process manufacturing, you can factor these details into the way you source, manage and utilize ingredients, for closer inventory control. For example, in the chemical industry, hazardous substances will need specific handling procedures, outlined in a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

The right process manufacturing ERP software can ensure your Safety Data Sheets are accessible to all members of staff online, to ensure they’re following the correct handling and storage protocol. And safety information is available alongside all your other operational data and processes, for a completely joined-up approach to process manufacturing.

Don’t just take our word for it; chemicals company, Hammond Group, is a great example of how ERP software delivers industry success. When the company started using Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP, they remarked: “When I start to see the kind of integration that happens with data collection, maintenance modules, and how much easier it makes the job in the plant, I see it as something that you have to have.” And it’s had a cost benefit as well: the organization has already reduced IT costs by 39% with Aptean ERP.  

Read Hammond Group’s customer story in full.

“When I start to see the kind of integration that happens with data collection, maintenance modules, and how much easier it makes the job in the plant, I see it as something that you have to have.”

Ray RexPresident of Halox DivisionHammond Group

4. Easier Industry Compliance

Safety Data Sheets are just one example of the tight regulations that process manufacturers face. Whether you’re in chemicals, cosmetics, cannabis, nutraceuticals or food and beverage manufacturing, the ingredients you’re using will be subject to stringent legislation to ensure products are fit for usage or consumption.

Some manufacturers will be dealing with more than one set of regulations; for example, a process manufacturer producing CBD gummies will need to comply with general manufacturing standards, legal cannabis protocol and food industry legislation. And it’s very difficult to remember every procedure or check point off the top of your head.

ERP for process manufacturing builds compliance requirements into production workflows, to make sure every product that comes off your production line meets industry standards. And if sector regulations change (as they often do), you can update data sheets and quality checks centrally, to make sure that every team member is working from the latest legislation.

5. Less Ingredient Wastage

Earlier, we mentioned the challenges of managing raw materials with a limited shelf life in the process manufacturing sector. ERP software can help to minimize the amount of product that goes to waste—which helps with both your environmental policies, and your profit margin.

By using process manufacturing ERP to manage inventory data, you can ensure that any ingredients nearing their use-by date are utilized first, before fresher stock is allocated to upcoming jobs. This level of real-time data visibility empowers you to make the smartest, most cost-effective decisions, rather than just sticking to the traditional approach of working through everything in chronological order.

Choose Aptean ERP for Process Manufacturers

As process manufacturing technology specialists, Aptean understands that many aspects of batch production are specific to your sector—and general ERP software can’t solve all your daily challenges. Which is why we developed a solution that was process-specific for your top priorities.

Our purpose-built process manufacturing ERP is tailored to helping you make data-driven decisions. From increasing accuracy with real-time inventory, to ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting. So you can use our cloud-ready platform to speed up production and increase profit, as well as lowering your environmental footprint.

To find out more, book your free Aptean ERP demo.

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