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Compiere ERP for Publishing

Compiere ERP for Publishing


Compiere ERP for Publishing

Sep 10, 2019

Managing the publishing process with its supplier relationships, customer demands and inventory levels - often for an international clientele - is a complex task. Automation of materials management, order management, procurement, financial accounting, manufacturing, and customer service processes bundled with an integrated eCommerce sales site improves your ability to meet customer demand profitably.

Compiere's integrated ERP and CRM capabilities provides a comprehensive view of your company operations, your supplier relationships and your customers, allowing you to manage Bills of Material, MRP, and product costing, resulting in reduced inventory levels, shorter cycle times, improved service quality, and improved margins.

Browse our featured Publishing Success Stories below and learn about the results achieved from their on-going use of Compiere.

Publishing Success Stories

International Standards Organization (ISO) Location: Switzerland Compiere Partner: Audaxis

ISO is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards for the public and private sectors. ISO selected Compiere ERP based on its proven success in reducing business process complexities, lowering IT infrastructure costs, ease of integration with internal systems, and flexibility to make changes quickly and cost effectively utilizing Compiere's Model Driven Application Platform. Operationally, Compiere supports 18,000 standards that are available in multiple languages and processes 5,000 customer orders per month primarily through online sales.

Medecine and Hygiene Location: Switzerland Compiere Partner: dotBase

This specialty publisher with diverse periodical and book product lines turned to Compiere as a replacement for its aging custom applications. Compiere partner dotBase customized the invoicing processes to support advertising sales, online subscriptions and renewals, book sales through a web store and delivered a single integrated ERP solution. The solution was fully localized for Swiss-French and supported country-specific electronic invoicing, cash management, tax laws and accounting rules.

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