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Business Management Software from Aptean SouthWare

Nov 19, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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SwiftMate is the system environment for Aptean SouthWare. You get a friendly user interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use. Your people get an environment that can be custom-fitted to the tasks they perform.

  • Common menu environment for all your software, even your non-Aptean products

  • Customize your user interface

  • Program new features into your Aptean SouthWare products with Objects, Field-Level Objects and Field Filters

  • Create Zoom Views to provide unique summaries of your data with “road maps” to further information


With this add-on module you can to automatically input data into selected files. It’s simple enough to use such that you don’t have to be a programmer. And it’s flexible enough to use in many different ways. You get the ease and speed of automated updates with the same verifications you would get if you keyed the data directly into your system.

  • Create valid new records even if your incoming data file doesn’t contain all the necessary fields

  • Update selected fields in existing records while leaving other fields unchanged

  • Test incoming data files before importing to make sure there are no surprises

  • Streamline common updates for such situations as electronic time clocks and vendor-supplied price files


You rely on forms to communicate with your employees, your customers and your suppliers. Using standard forms gives you the lowest cost, but what do you do if the standard forms don’t meet your needs?

Aptean SouthWare Forms, an optional adapter, lets you create alternate formats for the standard forms available from Aptean SouthWare modules. You can add data, change data, move data or remove data from the standard forms to create multiple alternate formats for each form. You may then define the situations when an alternate format should be used. These changes don’t require source code changes and will be compatible with the future revisions you get from Aptean SouthWare.

Extended Data

This easy-to-use, add-on module lets you add new data fields to your standard files. These new fields can become part of the normal entry and reporting for your system. Extended Data makes all your other modules more valuable by blending your unique information needs into the standard system information.

  • Add information your business needs to the major master files in your system

  • Smoothly integrate custom fields so they appear to be part of the standard system

  • Add extra data fields to the major transactions you process – you can even print selected fields on invoices, POs, picking tickets and service orders

  • Define your own sales period history that is automatically maintained as you process invoices


Aptean’s processes and built-in business rules/procedures have been proven successful by thousands of businesses over many years. But what do you do when standard functions aren’t enough to handle your needs or desires in a particular area?

Custom programming can make your system non-standard and not readily upgradeable. Aptean SouthWare WorkFlow solves this issue: With its unique WorkFlow Controller technology you can “insert” new functions at many different points in a process. In many cases these functions eliminate the need for custom programming.

The solution includes a database with information about processes, programs, and flow points within programs. With the WorkFlow Controller you can zoom between these levels of information to see how the pieces fit together. Each record can contain comments that explain its use and other necessary information.

Want to learn more about how our business management ERP, Aptean SouthWare, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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