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Day in the Life of a Repair Shop Tech: How a Mobile Solution Can Help

Day in the Life of a Repair Shop Tech: How a Mobile Solution Can Help


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Day in the Life of a Repair Shop Tech: How a Mobile Solution Can Help

Feb 12, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer
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Is your repair shop floor struggling with outdated and disparate methods for recordkeeping that fail to unify your business processes? Are slow systems causing you to fall behind your competitors? A job shop software solution with mobile functionality ensures efficiency, real-time visibility and the integrated features Shop Techs need to increase customer satisfaction in your business. By focusing on the mobile features that ERP software for repair shops offer, you’ll find the answers to your most pressing shop floor issues. 

Job Receiving

One of the primary features that mobile functionality offers is enhanced capabilities when receiving a job. As items arrive or are picked up on location in the field, a mobile device provides the ability to enter the job task in the system, take pictures of the item and provide the required timeline necessary to complete the job. Drill down functionality allows for access to information regarding time spent on a job, its location throughout the process and Purchase Order information. With information compiled in one location, Shop Techs have all data regarding job particulars – providing a better customer service experience from the very start. 


As job tasks are carried out, mobile devices provide the ability to document inspections throughout the repair process, ensuring that all are completed and documented in their respective order. With detailed lists that can be customized by the company, a Shop Tech answers each required question, providing a complete maintenance record to ensure checks and balances throughout the process. Reports can be produced instantly for customers or in-house analysis – detailing each inspection step with electronic signatures. 

Inventory Control

Shop Techs must maintain accurate inventory levels to ensure that jobs are completed by their expected deadlines and the shop floor is productive. With an ERP solution, Shop Techs have immediate access to picking lists electronically on mobile devices within the software and are able to enter information immediately as inventory is utilized. This enables real-time tracking of raw materials in order to maintain the right amount of inventory necessary for optimal job performance. Effective inventory control allows Shop Techs the ability to complete jobs efficiently and on-time. 

With access to the entire business in the palm of their hand, Job Techs can view overall job information or drill down to specific details. This mobility allows the flexibility and freedom to handle job shop problems quickly and efficiently.

Aptean has the tools needed to grow your business in the service repair industry. If you’re in need of a mobile solution easily integrated with your repair software ERP, contact us today for a demonstration of what our solution can do for your shop.

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