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Ready for Complete Service Repair Industry Solutions

Document and streamline repair processes, monitor job status, identify operational bottlenecks and increase your shop’s efficiency.

Aptean Service Repair Traverse Edition delivers a complete shop management solution to handle all of your business requirements with scalable functionality to meet your needs today and support your future growth.

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Optimize Your Service Repair Shop Operation

Electro-Mechanical Repair

Electro-Mechanical Software helps service shops manage repair, diagnostic and value-added service jobs for electric motors, generators and turbines.

Fluid / Pneumatic Power Repair

Fluid / Pneumatic Power Software meets the manufacturing, distribution, service, installation and repair needs of fluid power equipment shops.

Electrical Apparatus Repair

Electrical Apparatus Software helps repair shops that provide supportive services for electrical apparatus equipment.

Mechanical Apparatus Repair

Mechanical Apparatus Software meets the needs of shops that offer servicing of equipment that operates primarily on the basis of mechanical principles.

Transformative Solutions for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling, Shop Management and Repair Tracking

Aptean Service Repair is a good fit if you are looking for:

  • Dynamic Scheduling

  • Planning Boards

  • Job Portal Accessibility

  • Streamlined Quoting and Estimating

  • Inspection Queue System

  • Interactive Reporting and Dashboards

  • Mobile Functionality

  • Real-Time Inventory Control

  • Integrated Accounting and Financials

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Integrate All Facets of Your Company

With one streamlined system, you can manage equipment, employees and service workflow, while accessing real-time data whenever and wherever necessary. Robust functionality handles all business operations with intuitive interactive views that allow quick and easy searches to review information or make adjustments. The user-friendly interface of Aptean Service Repair improves visibility and communication among everyone in your organization with a single, integrated view of your company.

An integrated ERP system provides the following advantages:

  • Facilitates collaboration

  • Streamlines workflow and delivery

  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces costs

  • Allocates resources efficiently

  • Enables effective communication with vendors and customers

  • Drives profitability

  • Improves customer satisfaction

Simply put, your company needs service business software from Aptean to provide the transparency you need to be successful.

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Designed For Your Industry Needs—Benefits For Your Inbound Repair Shop

Improve revenues, increase shop efficiency, enhance customer service and master your inventory control.

  • Generate quotes and estimates from initial inspections

  • Time clock application applies employee time to a particular job and allows posting of time for multiple jobs simultaneously

  • Establishes step-by-step quality assurance inspections and record-keeping

  • Dynamic Scheduling based on promised dates, work center capacity, customer and job priorities and transaction date

  • Recall job history, including inspection reports, documented pictures and parts information each time equipment comes in for repair

  • Real-time inventory control and accountability enables efficient job completion, sends low stock alerts, calculates lead time and maintains accurate cost information

  • Job Costing analysis for materials, labor and overhead accumulated for jobs

  • Planning boards organize repair jobs and act as a control center to offer views into job status, parts inventory and scheduling

  • Reporting tools designed around what matters most for your shop and then fine-tuned as your needs develop and change

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Mobile Shop Floor Functionality

Our mobile application provides instant access and transparency into individual job details and information including receiving information, quality assurance and inspection results, digital pictures, spec sheets, job status updates and notes, time allocations, inventory transactions, job and part history and employee performance.

Mobile capabilities include the ability to receive jobs, consume materials, track locations and job status, enter time and document inspection results. Managing your shop floor has never been easier or more efficient with technology in the palm of your hand. Features include:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Improve data accuracy and reduce duplicate data entry

  • Gain real-time visibility

  • Accurately track job costs

  • Enhance customer service experience

  • Effective inventory control management

  • Insightful reporting

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Developed for the Service Industry

Included out-of-the box features and functionality with Aptean Service Repair

Accounting & Payroll

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Accounting & Payroll

Comprehensive accounting functionality helps manage operations and bottom-line performance. Monitors all employee labor hours and overhead expenses.

Project Costing

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Project Costing

Job cost transparency compares job cost estimates vs actual costs at all stages of work completed to maintain accuracy and competitive pricing.

Advanced Inventory

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Advanced Inventory

Immediately associate materials with jobs as inventory is consumed - allowing WIP updates, actual costs applied to estimates, and inventory replenishment as needed.


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Manage customer inventory and spare parts effectively to monitor purchasing and sales cycles.

Service Repair

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Service Repair

Allows customers to view estimates, track job schedules, review statements and pay invoices online.


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Empowers your sales team with on-the-go visibility into customer data, job status and history.


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Handles delivery receipts and payments for jobs from a mobile device, providing printed receipts as requested.


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Maintains easily accessible customer information and job history to allow for improved service for repairs and maintenance.

Ready to transform your business?

We’ve got the specialized industry software to help your organization thrive.

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