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Electronic Proof of Delivery Software: Your Definitive Guide


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Electronic Proof of Delivery Software: Your Definitive Guide

Jun 10, 2024

Jim Endres
Person signing for a package on a tablet

For businesses looking to improve delivery operations, the big benefits available and simple implementation process make electronic proof of delivery software a perfect place to start. Nevertheless, to make your business case, you’ll need to know exactly how this powerful system works and what advantages your operation could unlock.

Let’s dive in for answers to those questions and more.

What Is Electronic Proof of Delivery Software?

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software streamlines data capture and job management for field workers—removing the paper trail. It allows for increased visibility and control of your mobile operatives' activities, including deliveries, collections and service calls.

Traditionally, proof of delivery consisted of a paper delivery note that the customer signed to acknowledge receipt of the goods and allow for invoicing. Now, instead of signatures on forms, mobile workers use this software on a phone or tablet to capture a range of data—from proof of delivery and customer service surveys to vehicle check information and temperature recordings.

This means that with electronic proof of delivery software, couriers, distributors, retailers and service providers can enhance the customer experience while cutting operational costs and making tasks easier for mobile workers.

Because of this evolution, industries that have previously had little demand for ePOD software now recognize the potential benefits as modern electronic proof of delivery systems become a must-have technology to improve mobile workforce operations across all industries.

How Does Electronic Proof of Delivery Software Work?

Standard ePOD software is usually split into two components:

  1. A mobile application to collect data in the field

  2. A management portal for office-based staff to add, amend and review data

Mobile workers collect proof of delivery data and any other operational information required throughout the day on their mobile device—whether that’s a phone, tablet or other device running on iOS or Android. All the data captured in the field, including device and location information, is then transmitted back to the central portal in real time.

From the browser-based management portal, office-based teams can create forms and workflows to be followed by mobile workers, set up automated customer contact, send messages to drivers and monitor the live data stream from the field. All necessary staff, such as customer service teams, transportation managers and individual depot personnel, can be given visibility of the field data they require at no additional costs.

Best in breed electronic proof of delivery software also offers a third component to manage day of delivery customer communication. Whether your customer is a consumer or a business, providing them with access to a real-time delivery tracking portal allows them to view up-to-date progress on their delivery and effectively plan their day to ensure they are available at the correct time. Improving the final mile experience for them and increasing first-time delivery success rates for you. It’s a win-win.

What Types of Data Can Proof of Delivery Software Be Used To Collect?

As we mentioned, electronic proof of delivery software has moved beyond simply capturing signatures and now advanced systems can support various data collection options.

Here are just some of the types of data you can capture:

  • Signatures

  • Photos

  • Timestamps and GPS location data

  • Status codes such as “customer not present” or “additional parts needed”

  • Numerical values such as vehicle temperature readings or mileage

  • Free capture notes or details

When evaluating proof of delivery systems, the data capture options available should be entirely configurable to your operation and allow you to capture both on-site delivery data and operational information such as vehicle checklists.

The best systems on the market allow you to combine these various data input types into bespoke forms or questionnaires to be completed by your mobile workers when you specify. For example, if a driver marks a delivery as “failed” you may require them to capture a time and GPS stamped photo of the front of the property, to capture proof that the delivery was attempted. Or, for operational data capture, you may need each operative to complete a form when they log on to the app to record the registration of the vehicle they are using that day, as well as its condition.

With modern electronic proof of delivery systems, you can capture exactly the data you need to improve process consistency, enhance efficiency and make better data-driven decisions.

5 Key Benefits of Electronic Proof of Delivery Software

What Are the Benefits of Electronic Proof of Delivery Software?

The first and most obvious of the many benefits of electronic proof of delivery software is the removal of paperwork. The risk of lost or damaged delivery notes is eliminated with a proof of delivery app as all the data is transmitted and stored in real time.

But the advantages of ePOD go far beyond simply removing paperwork. Here are some other commonly reported benefits from our proof of delivery software customers.

  • Upgraded customer service: from improved communication to smoother on-site encounters.

  • Optimized workforce productivity: enabling more deliveries or service calls to be completed each day with the same resource.

  • Enhanced real-time visibility: empowering you to proactively respond to issues, improving productivity and reducing negative customer experiences.

  • Increased control over mobile processes: standardizing workflows across depots, employees and subcontractors for improved efficiency.

  • Improved employee satisfaction: by streamlining and simplifying daily tasks you can help promote retention to combat growing driver shortages.

For many mobile workforce organizations, the real-time data feed available with proof of delivery software means issues in the field can be identified and resolved quickly. The live POD data can also be used to speed up any subsequent operational processes like invoicing or the rescheduling of failed deliveries.

The electronic capture of all field data in the central portal also facilitates easy trend analysis to underpin continuous improvement. Depending on the chosen solution, mobile processes are user-configurable, allowing you to actively respond to opportunities you identify—keeping up with the shifting needs of your industry without costly software changes. An investment in electronic proof of delivery software will bring measurable short-term benefits and support your business in the future.

If you want to read more about the complete list of benefits you can expect to achieve with proof of delivery software, take a look at our ultimate guide to the benefits of proof of delivery software and discover more.

How Does ePOD Software Improve Customer Service?

Providing your customers with an outstanding delivery experience and profitably running an efficient operation can be a challenging balance to maintain. Thankfully, with electronic proof of delivery software, you can simplify your processes, improve service for your customers and make life easier for your customer service team.

Advanced proof of delivery systems provide automated customer contact functionalities to keep your customers informed throughout the delivery experience. And easy-to-use mobile applications ensure your delivery teams follow consistent on-site processes so that customers are presented with a seamless brand image across all your deliveries.

These features will help:

  • Make the delivery experience easier for your customer

  • Cut inbound call volumes

  • Reduce time-consuming administrative procedures

  • Make the on-site encounter quicker and more professional

The real-time data provided by ePOD software also allows your customer service teams to proactively respond to any exceptions in the field, reducing and in some cases preventing, the impact on the customer.

Person signing for a package on a tablet

Which Industries Can Benefit from Implementing Electronic Proof of Delivery Software?

Electronic proof of delivery software is transforming delivery and service operations across various industries.

So, whether your business is performing deliveries, collections or on-site services, you can enhance your field activities. All industries can unlock increased efficiency, improved customer service and streamlined processes, but here's a closer look at some benefits for key industries.

Retail and E-Commerce

  • Electronic capture of signatures and other delivery details minimizes errors and disputes.

  • For retailers without stores, proof of delivery software turns the final mile—often the only physical customer touchpoint—into an opportunity to differentiate your brand with excellent customer service.

Logistics and Transportation

  • Easily offer customized final mile processes to each of your brand customers to help you win more contracts while reducing operational costs.

  • For courier services where drivers are responsible for ordering their own jobs, but route optimization software is not suitable, advanced ePOD systems can empower workers with route sequencing functionality to improve efficiency and visibility.

Field Service Management

  • Modern electronic proof of delivery software can track technician time spent on each job, as well as time spent on breaks, ensuring correct billing practices and full visibility.

  • Automated alerts and notifications keep customers informed about technician arrivals and delays—particularly important for services requiring customers to be present.


  • With all necessary details and documentation provided to your drivers, ePOD software ensures that goods are delivered according to specifications, reducing the risk of defects or discrepancies.

  • This provision of digital documentation and compulsory data capture at pre-defined points supports regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

What Are the Requirements for Implementing Proof of Delivery Software?

The implementation of electronic proof of delivery systems should be simple when compared to large-scale software projects and can be completed within a few weeks of project sign-off. All that you need to consider is the provision of mobile devices for your drivers and the necessary data input availability.

To populate the proof of delivery system with your delivery or service job lists, you will need to ensure you have the relevant data to hand. Integration of this data stream will also need to be accounted for, whether by an in-house team or external provider.

While an electronic proof of delivery system implementation should be straightforward, as with all software projects, choosing a vendor with a proven track record, happy customers and deep experience in your industry will be critical to your success. Be sure to look out for a partner that can offer by-your-side guidance and a tried-and-tested implementation roadmap to ensure you hit the ground running and gain quick return on investment.

Is Your Delivery Process Holding You Back? Aptean ePOD Helps You Make It a Differentiator

We get it. Deliveries are the backbone of your business but managing them can be a complex dance. That's where our electronic proof of delivery system steps in. It's more than just a software solution; it's an investment in streamlining your delivery process and transforming your final mile.

Imagine the freedom from paperwork, the enhanced visibility with real-time tracking and the improved customer satisfaction through better communication. Consider the impact on your team: fewer manual tasks mean they can focus on more strategic activities, enhancing their productivity and job satisfaction.

Your customers, too, will notice the difference. With timely updates and transparent delivery processes, they’ll have confidence in your reliability, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Better communication and smoother deliveries lead to happier customers. With our advanced proof of delivery system, you can provide timely updates and accurate delivery information, while streamlining on-site encounters.

Aptean's electronic proof of delivery system makes all this a reality. But the advantages don't stop there. Our solution equips you with valuable data that leads to smarter business decisions, ultimately boosting your profitability and allowing for continuous improvement.

What’s more, all Aptean solutions—including our complementary route optimization software and our comprehensive transportation management system—are supported by in-house experts with decades of experience solving the complex challenges of businesses just like yours.

Ready to take the next steps to improve your customer service and delivery operation? Read our guide to choosing a proof of delivery system, or request a personalized demo from our experts today.

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