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Accounting Software from Aptean - Banking

Accounting Software from Aptean - Banking


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Accounting Software from Aptean - Banking

Feb 25, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Provide Your Employees With a Secure Electronic Banking Environment With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Traverse Edition Banking Software
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Pay Electronically, Increase Security, and Get It Done Fast

From vendor payments to direct deposit of payroll checks, Banking Software provides a number of features that combine to offer you a secure electronic banking environment.

The Direct Deposit feature makes payday easier for everyone. Your employees can choose to have their paychecks deposited directly to their bank account, or may elect to receive a portion as a live check. They can also split deposit amounts between six different bank accounts in up to six different banks.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) delivery of payments made to your vendors or received from your customers gives you the ability to transmit electronic payments to your bank using a standard, secure system that is both highly reliable and efficient. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Banking also enables the payment of invoices by credit card.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) support allows you to print machine-readable information on the bottom of your checks for quick processing. You’ll be able to securely generate checks while saving money by using blank check stock on a laser printer.

A fraud control and loss prevention measure, Positive Pay allows you to build a file (formatted to your bank’s specifications) that can be transmitted to your bank for the authorization of check payments.

The Reconciliation Import in Banking Software enables you to use files downloaded from your bank to automatically clear transactions that have been cleared by the bank.

Banking Software System Features:

  • Reduce time and accounting errors by automatically clearing transactions with bank-provided reconciliation data.

  • Quickly serve customers and vendors by creating and importing ACH files for delivery of electronic payments and payments received.

  • Set up a credit card-type bank to simplify statement reconciliation; the bank tracks charges, payments, adjustments, and transfers.

  • Keep employees happy and save resources on payday with Direct Deposit functionality for Payroll.

  • Safeguard employee pay by replacing live checks with vouchers.

  • Create deposits by dollar amount or percentage, and change the allocation at any time.

  • Set up accounts for both banks and credit cards.

  • Pay vendors using a credit card by selecting an appropriate payment ID.

  • Optionally require an authorization number to be entered for credit card payments when the cash receipt exceeds a specified amount.

  • Set up Accounts Receivable and Sales Order recurring.

  • Entries to be paid using credit cards or direct debit type payment methods.

  • Print vendor payment vouchers for electronic payments in Accounts Payable.

  • Enter authorization numbers for cash receipts using the Credit Card Authorization function.

  • Clear transactions automatically by importing data supplied by your bank.

  • Generate an ASCII Positive Pay file to transmit to your bank for check authorization.

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