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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Bill of Materials

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Bill of Materials


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Bill of Materials

Mar 6, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Define, Track and Review Your Production Activity
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Bill of Materials Software To Start Your Production Process Strong

The key to a successful manufacturing software implementation begins with Bill of Materials Software. A bill of material (BOM) defines the product structure in terms of materials and provides an optional connection to plant resources such as machinery, tooling and labor defined by a bill of routing.

The Bill of Materials Software application provides a solid base for production activity to be defined, tracked and reviewed. Designed to allow you to start simple and build from there, the maintenance of the BOM Software provides advanced features such as detailed routing, multiple routing definition, mixed unit of measure, cross-group costing, scrap tracking and total visual documentation.

Revision numbers, effective dates and drawing numbers help to further define the BOM Software. You can set up simple, material-only bills quickly and with minimal work.

Bill of Materials Software Features

  • Standard cost maintenance, global component replacement, BOM change history and a variety of inquiry functions give you automated update abilities and quick access to vital information.

  • Use the text file import functionality to bring engineering bills directly into your current BOM database.

  • Gain insight into current and future availability with available-to-promise quantities and component availability.

  • Attach media objects for videos or pictures of assemblies.

  • Process Return Material Authorization (RMA) transactions so that a credit memo is not issued until the customer returns the items to your warehouse. The posting of the credit memo is separated from the posting of the inventory return so that they can be done independently.

  • Use stock or non-stock components.

  • Perform global replacement of components.

  • Create user-defined cost groupings.

  • Apply optional routing definition.

  • Create user-defined fields for each assembly.

  • Set up new bills easily with copy-from functionality.

  • Track engineering change orders (ECO).

  • Use unique configuration of labor and machine.

  • Time for each bill (if interfaced to Routing and Resources application).

  • Take advantage of extensive comments and descriptive notes areas.

  • Handle scrap percentages.

  • Perform advanced online inquires.

  • Use multiple units of measure.

  • Use comprehensive standard cost management with General Ledger interface.

  • Choose standard, LIFO, FIFO or average costing.

  • Handle lot-tracked and serialized inventory.

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