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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Production Management

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Production Management


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Production Management

Mar 4, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Get To the Bottom of Your Production Management
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Get the Full Picture With Production Management Software

Production Management Software is where it all comes together. Your software must be able to tell you today’s production status, what is going to happen next and what happened yesterday. The Production Management Software application is up to the task. Online inquiry into existing production orders shows percentage complete based on time and materials, and gives you detailed status information for each production process.

Once you create them, you can edit production orders via the visual editor in a drill-down manner. You can import activity data from an external source such as an automated time card or bar code data collection system, or you can enter it manually.

A variety of worksheets assist you in this process. Each one has a specific focus in terms of what to pull, which operation to run and where to go next. Special worksheets help expedite subcontracted processes.

Production Management Software Features

  • Extensive variance reporting enables you to see when, where—and, most importantly—why variances took place in terms of time, usage quantities and final production.

  • Visual tools such as videos and pictures are readily available to assist in the process. A sophisticated dispatch process allows you to set the production sequence to keep things moving smoothly.

  • Seamless optional interface to Sales Order, General Ledger and Payroll.

  • Easily handle lotted and serialized inventory, and perform multiple releases per production order.

  • Perform visual drilldown and production management order editing.

  • Use priority-based dispatching.

  • Release orders online and in batches.

  • Update inventory quantities online.

  • Track problems by variance code.

  • Print barcodes on worksheets.

  • Set up multiple costing methods.

  • Conduct online status inquiries of ongoing production.

  • Use multimedia references for operations and materials.

  • Employ multiple units of measure.

  • Generate automated production orders from sales orders.

  • Perform variance analysis for time, material usage and production.

  • Backflush at multiple levels.

  • Retrieve scrap history.

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