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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Dashboard

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Dashboard


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Dashboard

Apr 24, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Gather Business Intelligence (BI) Data Quickly With Dashboard Software
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Information Adapted to Your Needs and Interests

Dashboard Software gives you an executive snapshot of key business intelligence indicators. You can choose from dozens of configurations of predefined business objects that capture business intelligence from throughout Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Traverse Edition and present that BI data in a variety of formats designed to help you readily analyze key business metrics. Drilldown capabilities give you access to supporting business intelligence information.

You can personalize your Dashboard Software by selecting and positioning the dashboard objects you want to see, configuring them to present precisely the information you need, and choosing to view the data in graphical form, in a data grid, or both. You can also set an automatic refresh interval to ensure that the data you see is timely and accurate.

Widespread Browser and Device Support Means You Can Take Information On-the-Go

No matter what aspect of your business you manage, the need for critical business intelligence can strike anywhere, anytime. You can use Dashboard Software to satisfy needs, move projects forward or dazzle customers wherever the demand arises.

Standard Dashboard Software Components Get You Started Right

While you can configure Dashboard Software to provide the information critical to your success, here’s a smattering of the reports and summaries that you can access right out of the box:

  • AP Aging Analysis

  • AP Invoice Analysis

  • AP Payment History

  • AP Purchase History

  • AR Aging Analysis

  • Customer Analysis

  • AR Payment History

  • AR Sales History

  • Cash Flow

  • Cash Receipts

  • Checks Written

  • Purchase Order Status

  • Sales Order Status

  • Summary–Balances

  • Summary–Sales and Profit

  • Summary–Ratio Analysis

  • Summary–Sales Orders

  • Top Customers

  • Top Items

  • Top Sales Reps

  • Top Vendors

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