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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Info-Alert

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Info-Alert


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, Traverse Edition - Info-Alert

Apr 9, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Let Your System Track Your Issues and Keep You Ahead of Problems and Emergencies
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Let Info-Alert Automate Your Processes and Help You Stay On Top of Things

Would you like to automate standard procedures in your operations like sending out late notices to your customers? Or catch potential issues before it’s too late? What if your software could automatically identify exceptions in your data and bring them to your attention? Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Traverse Edition’s Info-Alert module does these things for you. It’s like have an employee running around in your data 24/7 making sure everything is going as it should and if it’s not, letting the right person know about it.

Info-Alert is a data monitoring tool. It scans all of your Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP data for conditions or criteria that you specify and then tells you when those criteria are or are not met. You can be alerted by email, fax or even a printed report that is sitting on your printer when you come in for the day. It can let you know if customer invoices are coming past due, inventory levels are falling low or orders are placed with a gross margin below your threshold. It can also automate your procedures so you don’t have to do the manual work. Things like sending out customer statements, requesting status of a shipment from your vendor or putting customers on hold if they are slow to pay.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP’s Info-Alert does the tedious work while you go about your busy day. It is designed to let the right person know about the right things happening in your business. What if you knew that you had spent $X with your supplier for the year? Would that give you the leverage to negotiate a new price with them? What if your sales reps knew how much they had invoiced for the month so they could stay on top of their own commissions? What if a "Thank You" letter was automatically sent out when a brand new customer ordered from you? These are the things that can be automated to improve your customer service and make you more efficient.

Info-Alert Software Is Always on the Job

You can configure Info-Alert to inform you, your customers or your vendors of many different kinds of events. Here are a few examples:

  • Customers with open A/R invoices over x days

  • Open orders older than x days

  • Open purchase orders that have not been received

  • Customers over their credit limit

  • Orders with a gross margin less than x

  • Items below their order point

  • Employees x days past their hire date

  • Customers who have not purchased in x days

  • Send electronic invoices

  • Email or fax customer dunning notices

  • Send order acknowledgments

  • Request P/O delivery status from vendors

  • Check order entry to verify margins

  • Put customers on credit hold when over limit

  • Generate and email Excel sheets

  • GL accounts within x% of budget

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