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Garage Door Businesses Simplify Dispatch and Scheduling with an ERP Solution

Garage Door Businesses Simplify Dispatch and Scheduling with an ERP Solution


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Garage Door Businesses Simplify Dispatch and Scheduling with an ERP Solution

Jan 22, 2021

Aptean Staff Writer
Garage doors

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to address the dispatch and scheduling issues affecting your residential and commercial overhead garage door business? Communication is challenging and is of utmost importance, as technicians work every day in the field completing sales, installation, maintenance and service tasks.

Tracking quotes and work orders, accessing job status and assigning new dispatching among multiple calendars and schedules can also be difficult without the proper tools. With a fresh start in the new year, it is time to simplify your dispatch and scheduling with an ERP software solution designed with the unique needs of the garage door industry in mind.

Do Any of These Problems Sound Familiar in Your Garage Door Business?

  • Disconnected scheduling and calendars

  • Inability to keep current on job and inventory updates

  • Inaccurate inventory consumption on invoices

  • Lost paperwork, receipts, warranty information, POs

  • Errors in transferring information from one format to another

  • Inaccurate employee time clock information

  • Lack of effective communication between the field and office 

If any, or all of these problems have occurred in your company, it may be time for an ERP solution with dispatch and scheduling for your business.

What Can ERP Software Do?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a centralized and comprehensive business management software system that integrates all resources, information and activity of garage door businesses – streamlining operations including accounting, human resources, dispatching and scheduling, distribution, inventory, sales and reporting. This level of operational visibility in an all-in-one solution ensures that everyone from management to field service techs are on the same page.

How an ERP Simplifies Dispatch and Scheduling 

Service Dispatch – Efficiently organize and schedule technicians by assigning them to a particular zone or dispatcher. The system lets you control the assignments or recommends the best technician based on availability and capability.

Dispatch Console – Manages work orders, dispatches technicians and provides access to customer data to enable top-notch service — all from one location.

Quickly Create Quotes/Work Orders – From the moment a customer calls, easily create a quote or work order to handle new dispatches quickly without the need to re-enter information or pricing.

Improves Communication – Eliminates communication challenges by keeping dispatchers, schedulers, technicians and customers all on the same page.

Real-time Updates/Alerts – Important information automatically updates on mobile devices so technicians have what they need for jobs (i.e. customer garage code information.)   

Mobile Functionality - Provides technicians with information to arrive at their appointments, communicate with customers and update back-office information. Easy to use interface, yet full of features technicians need to make their job easier.

Calendar – Easily displays jobs and work orders and organize and sort them in a variety of ways as necessary. As things change, the system makes adjustments in real-time.

Job Status – Seamlessly document jobs in the field including entering employee time clock data and consuming materials to a job, as well as track quality, installation and service information – enabling the availability of the status of jobs at any given time.

If you want to cross one of the resolutions off your list, optimize your technician’s schedules and simplify dispatch and scheduling for your garage door business. Aptean's field service software is designed with the above features to make your professional service company more efficient and productive. Contact us for a demonstration today.

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