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Improve Your Business with Better Supplier Production Monitoring

Improve Your Business with Better Supplier Production Monitoring


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Improve Your Business with Better Supplier Production Monitoring

Apr 9, 2020

Ken Weygand
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It’s easy to control what you know. In your own facility, for example, it’s easier to monitor your employees, your production lines and all of your inventory. But when your products are being produced by overseas suppliers, all of that becomes infinitely harder to manage.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that’s integrated with strong supplier production monitoring tools, however, can make all the difference, as it enables you to monitor, manage and track your products with your overseas suppliers. By leveraging supplier monitoring tools, you have the ability to not only gain deeper visibility into those overseas tasks, but also ensure that you’re meeting those compliance mandates and informational requirements for all your supply-side activities.

A supplier production monitoring tool can help in the following ways:

  1. Gain visibility – With a supply production monitoring tool integrated into your ERP, you can have improved visibility into the production activities of all your third-party manufacturing partners. You’re no longer in the dark about what’s being done and if it’s being done on time. With this tool, you’re able to monitor and track the status of samples, quality assurance outcomes, production dates, shipping schedules, labeling requirements, approvals, retailer compliance mandates and more. It puts all that data into a single source of truth, so you’re not overlooking anything as you might have by using manual processes.

  2. Offload time-consuming tasks – Improve productivity by shifting time-consuming data collection and reporting tasks directly to your suppliers. You want a solution that offers a variety of data capture options to match your vendors’ variable technology abilities and needs. Trusted vendors with reliable internet and technical abilities should be able to update order statuses into your ERP through a supplier portal functionality, saving you time and stress because you’ll know exactly where your purchase orders are in the production cycle. 

  3. Improve response time and decision making – Improve response time and decision making by gaining increased access to supply-side information earlier in the production process. With the right supplier production monitoring tool, you can closely monitor production statuses and disruptions earlier in the supply chain to improve your agility in managing unforeseen production issues and opportunities.

  4. Customize workflows – You don’t want to be trapped in a solution that isn’t flexible for your processes and workflows. Instead, you need a solution that can work for you and your business practices and lets you customize your workflows and streamline tasks throughout your supply chain. 

  5. Create rule-based alerts – Having the ability to create rule-based alerts catered to your unique business rules is invaluable. Using an ERP solution with an integrated supplier production monitoring tool provides you with a visual representation of the workflows and rules necessary to keep your business processes on-task and on-time. This will help you make smart, actionable decisions based on your supply.

Apprise is focused on solving the unique challenges that consumer goods manufacturers, importers and distributors face within the supply chain. By leveraging both an industry-specific ERP and a team that understands your business, achieving better supplier production monitoring becomes an easier and more manageable task.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Apprise ERP can help you and your business, reach out today. We’d love to talk.

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