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Manage Inbound and Outbound Repair Shops with ERP Software

Manage Inbound and Outbound Repair Shops with ERP Software


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Manage Inbound and Outbound Repair Shops with ERP Software

Mar 17, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Regardless if you are completing repair work in house, dispatch work in the field, or both, a comprehensive industry-specific ERP solution can streamline your operations and provide you with valuable business insight in critical times.

Whether you’re struggling with tracking material overhead or labor costs, managing inventory or scheduling jobs, you will reap the benefits of a comprehensive repair shop ERP system that provides the transparency and visibility into your entire operation – including order entry, inventory, scheduling, communications and workflow. Today’s service companies may include one or the other of service types, dispatch or inbound, and increasingly require a business management solution that is dynamic enough to handle the unique requirements of each.

Inbound vs. Outbound Repair 

The primary difference between inbound and outbound repair is in where and how a job is completed.

An inbound repair shop, common for motor, apparatus and hydraulic repair jobs, is one in which customers bring their item needing service or repair to a shop and employees work in-house to complete the required job. Inventory is maintained by the repair shop in their warehouse and employees are scheduled jobs in work centers.

Outbound repair also referred to as dispatch or field service, is completed at various customer locations where a technician is dispatched to complete a particular service, repair, maintenance or installation. Technicians stock inventory needed to complete jobs in their vehicles, finish their scheduled job and relay information back to the home office.  

How Can Service ERP Software Help?

With many similarities and differences between the two types of service operations, it’s key that the implemented ERP system’s functionality includes integrated accounting, dynamic scheduling, inventory management and mobile capabilities to address the intricacies of each.

The scheduling requirements for an in-house repair shop are very different than those for dispatching technicians in the field to multiple locations. In addition, the workflow process differences between inbound and outbound repair are distinct as well, requiring a solution that can accommodate. Service functionality of ERP software that handles the demands of both repair types is essential for many field service, installation, maintenance and inbound repair shops.

Inbound Repair Needs Met With an ERP Solution

The repair shop software functionality of an ERP streamlines workflow and shares real-time information efficiently with the following capabilities:

  • Generation of quotes and estimates that are based off-of initial inspections

  • Real-time inventory control that enables efficient job completion, sends low stock alerts, calculates lead time and maintains accurate cost information

  • Dynamic scheduling based on promised dates, work center capacity, customer and job priorities and transaction date to schedule accordingly

  • A mobile application that provides instant access and transparency into individual job details and the ability to easily enter and view inspection reports 

  • Planning boards that act as a control center to offer views into job status, parts inventory and scheduling

  • Job costing analysis for materials, labor and overhead accumulated for jobs

Outbound Repair Needs Met With an ERP Solution

Field service repair software functionality of an ERP meets the needs of the service and installation industry with the following features:

  • Quotes and work orders for customer service calls and installations

  • Dispatch scheduling (organized by dispatcher and/or service zone)

  • Mobile functionality to direct technicians regarding job information – dashboard alerts inform techs about jobs

  • Field service checklists include direction regarding job details, quality, installation and service to ensure jobs go smoothly

  • Track history and maintenance of equipment

  • Ability to customize work order and service forms

  • Track total parts and labor costs incurred for jobs in the field

With decades of industry experience, our team of experts remains at the forefront of technology in developing features and functionalities that help service companies succeed.

We understand your needs and speak your language - offering comprehensive ERP solutions that incorporate the critical needs of service professionals from beginning sales order entry through scheduling and dispatch to the accounting process. Contact us for a personalized software demonstration to discover how we can meet your shop needs now and into the future.

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