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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Bill of Materials Software

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Bill of Materials Software


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, WorkWise Edition - Bill of Materials Software

May 20, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Identify Parts You Need To Build Any Product or Assembly
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What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)?

Bill of Materials (BOM) is a key ERP application for manufacturers, allowing them to outline the structural composition of products they sell, assemble, cost or plan. It encompasses every style of BOM and is integrated with all functions in the supply chain – from Customer Order Processing through Production Costing.

Accurately Maintain Critical Product Structure Information

The Engineering WorkBench empowers the engineering and production planning personnel with all the tools they need to add or modify product structures and easily perform queries to view the usage of specific components across multiple products.

A powerful feature of the Bill of Materials application is the ability to directly associate materials to an operation. This allows your material planning program to schedule required materials to be available when the operation actually begins, instead of when the work order is scheduled to begin. This feature can save a significant amount in carrying costs.

BOM provides build data for multiple sub-assemblies and establishes relationships between final assemblies, subassemblies, components and raw materials. Additionally, it creates and maintains product structures online. BOM supports both conventional bills of material and matrix bills of material.

  • Define Composition. Define structural composition of products that you sell, assemble, cost, or plan.

  • Increased Collaboration. Establish relationships between final assemblies, subassemblies, components, and raw materials.

  • Product Structures. Create and maintain product structures online.

  • Accurate Product Information. Bill of Materials Software

Bill of Materials Features

  • Date and ECN affectivity

  • Single and indented explosion

  • “How Many Can I Build” Query

  • Single, indented and final ‘where-used’

  • Attaching operations

  • Automatic creation from CAD import

  • Auto issue based on production

Bill of Materials Benefits

  • Saves time, increasing productivity

  • Reduces costs

  • More organized records

  • Visible product inventory

  • Reduces waste

  • Lower product costs

At Aptean, we know manufacturing. From computers and electronics to fabricated metals, our ERP is designed to conquer the challenges discrete manufacturers facetoday and every day.

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